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19.3. Prepare Carts Flow

The Prepare Carts flow can be used for orders where items can be picked into one or more carton boxes in which the items will be shipped.
The flow is based on a wave and makes it possible to assign more than one carton box and more than one movable location to each pick list in the selected wave. Besides, during the flow an SSCC number is added to each carton box.
Prepare Carts configuration: Configuration Guide / Picklist controller / Prepare carts

The flow prepares the carton boxes for the Multi-picking flow. With the end of the Prepare Carts flow the operator needs to start a multi-picking flow to pick the items into the carton boxes. Due to the SSCC numbers added to the boxes in the Prepare Carts flow, the operator will know which items should be picked into which carton box.

As the carton boxes are the final destinations of the items, no packing process is needed. When the operator finishes the multi-picking flow, the stock can go through the necessary shipping flow. If a packing step is needed to double check the content of the box, the setting Always pick to status picked on the pick list type needs to be enabled (SAP Tools > Default forms > Produmex pick list types (PMX_PLTY)). This will allow users to perform a packing step to double check the content in a Consolidated packing flow (keeping SSCC number). That packing step can only fully confirm the content or reject it.


Picklist proposalPicklistSelect a waveSelect a picklistSelect a logistic carrierScan an SSCCSelect a movable locationSelect another logistic carrier and movable locationSelect another picklistWave has been preparedMulti-picking

To start the flow, press the Sales button on your fat client, then select Prepare Carts.

19.3.1. Select a wave

Select a wave from the list.

The order of the pick lists is based on the Wave-order by setting on the picklist controller.

When there is no custom wave description added on the pick list controller, the following information is displayed about the waves:

  • Wave number
  • Customer card code and name
  • Shipping address

If the wave contains pick lists for multiple customers, the fat client displays the numbers of the picklist proposals on the left-hand side and the wave number on the right-hand side.

Select a wave

19.3.2. Select a picklist

Select a picklist from the list.

The order of the picklists is based on the Pick list–Order by setting on the picklist controller.

The picklists belonging to the selected wave will be listed if they have not been prepared yet, or if there is no movable location assigned to them.

Select a picklist

19.3.3. Select a logistic carrier

Select a logistic carrier (carton box or pallet) by scanning the necessary barcode. (Barcodes are defined in the Item Master Data).

Alternatively, you can tap Select item and select the appropiate logistic carrier from the list.

Tap No logistic carrier if you do not use any logistic carrier or logistic carriers are not recorded in the system.

Select a logistic carrier

In case you scan the wrong barcode, you will see the following message:

Error message

19.3.4. Scan an SSCC

Scan the SSCC number of the logistic carrier if it already exists or tap New SSCC and the system will generate a new one.

In case you wish to use the New SSCC option, please make sure that in the Organizational structure settings:

  1. you add the DefaultPickingPrepareCartNewSSCCLabel report to your report list (see Configuration Guide / 5.1.5. Reports) and
  2. you set up the print event of Picking: Prepare cart: New SSCC created (see Configuration Guide / 5.1.6. Print events).

Error message

19.3.5. Select a movable location

Select a movable location.

Only those movable locations can be selected which are not assigned to picklists with status Not ready, Partially ready, Ready, Partially Picked.

On the screen you will see the SSCC number as well.

Select a movable location

In case you select the wrong movable location, you will see the following message:

Error message

19.3.6. Select another logistic carrier and movable location

It is possible, through custom development, that a pick list is defined to have multiple Picking logistic units. In this case you need to assign another logistic carrier and another movable location to this particular picklist, therefore you will be navigated back to step 3. Select a logistic carrier and you need go through steps 3-5 again (Select a logistic carrier, Scan an SSCC, Select a movable location).
Please note that in this case you will have to select a new movable location which is not in use.

19.3.7. Select another picklist

In case you have more than one picklist in the selected wave, you will be navigated back to step 2. Select a picklist and you need to go through steps 2-5 again (Select a picklist, Select a logistic carrier, Scan an SSCC, Select a movable location).
Please note that you will have to select a new movable location which is not in use.

19.3.8. Wave has been prepared

In case you have no more picklist in the flow, you will be informed that the wave has been prepared. Tap OK and start a Multi picking flow to pick the necessary items into the right boxes.

Error message

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