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Supported SAP Business One versions

8.82 9.0 9.1 9.2 9.3
Produmex WMS No No No Yes* Yes
Produmex Manufacturing No No No Yes Yes
Produmex Scan No No No Yes Yes
Produmex Weigh No No No Yes Yes
Produmex Quality No No No Yes Yes
Produmex Operator No No No No Yes

All our products are compatible with both MSSQL and HANA platforms.

Note: compatibility means the ability to install the solution on that particular SBO version and use the complete set of functionality of the solution. Some SBO functionality (most typically recent functions) might not be fully integrated in that context.

Note: Bug fixes will be delivered only for the supported versions.

*Please note that from version 18.3 Produmex WMS supports 9.2 Patch level 5 and later for SAP B1.

Cross-compatibility matrix

WMS EPOD Manufacturing Scan Weight Quality Operator
Produmex WMS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Produmex EPOD Yes TBD
Produmex Manufacturing Yes Yes Yes* TBD
Produmex Scan TBD Yes TBD Yes
Produmex Weight Yes Yes*
Produmex Quality Yes TBD TBD
Produmex Operator Yes

Note: products are considered compatible when they can co-exist in the same system, without conflicting with each other.

* The installation of Produmex WMS is required.

Cloud support matrix

Private cloud SAP B1 Cloud Hosted by Partner
Produmex WMS Yes Yes
Produmex Manufacturing Yes Yes
Produmex Scan Yes Yes
Produmex Operator Yes Yes

Note: compatibility with specific cloud providers has to be checked on request on a case by case basis.

Produmex WMS Add-On Loader versions

On the following matrix you can see which add-on loader is required for which Produmex WMS add-on version:

Add-on version Add-on loader version
6.* 6
7.0 and up 7
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