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2.6. Reports tab

2.6.1. Overview

The Reports tab offers an overview of the standard reports that have been defined in Produmex.

It includes a reference to the shared folder (Report path, Coresuite report path) where the reports are stored and makes it possible to set the report parameters:

  • Format in which the report is created (for example Crystal Reports, CoreSuite)
  • Name
  • Page size
  • Orientation
  • Type
  • Path from the entered report path

Reports tab

2.6.2. Configuration

1. Select the format you wish to use from the Format drop-down menu:

  • A) Crystal Reports: uses the reports you download with your Produmex installation file.
  • B) Crystal Reports by SAP: uses the default reports that are stored within SAP.
  • C) Coresuite: uses the reports available in Coresuite.
  • D) Unknown: can be used for custom report types.

2. The next step depends on the format you have selected in step 1:

  • A) Crystal Reports: Provide the path of the reports in the Report Path field.
    • MSSQL:
      You can find the reports in your installation folder and you can add its path to the Report path field, for example: C:\Install\Produmex_WMS_X_X.x64\Reports\MSSQL.
  • B) Crystal Reports by SAP: Check the ID of the report, then add the ID into the Path field. When the system starts printing, it gets the report with this ID from the database.
  • C) Coresuite: When printing the system creates a file to a certain folder. The field Coresuite report path needs to be filled in with a folder where the file needs to be stored. The Coresuite add-on picks up the file and prints the report.

3. Provide the necessary report parameters.

  • Name
  • Page size
  • Orientation
  • Type: The system uses the report type to provide the necessary data for the flows while printing, see Report table below.
  • Path from the entered report path

4. Click ADD and the list of the added reports is displayed in the grid.

2.6.2. Report table

Report nameReport type
Default Goods Receipt LabelGoods Receipt Label (GR-LBL)
Default Goods Receipt Label Data matrixGoods Receipt Label (GR-LBL)
Default Goods Receipt Label SmallGoods Receipt Label (GR-LBL)
Default Item LabelItem Label (ITM-LBL)
Default Logistics LabelNew master logistic unit label (MALU_REP)
Default Pack ListSales delivery report (SDEL-RPT)
Default Picking Item CompletedPicklist report (PICK-REP)
Default Picking Prepare Cart New SSCC LabelPicking prepare cart new SSCC (PPCNSSCC)
Default Pick ListPicklist report (PICK-REP)
Default Production LabelProduction Label (PRD-LBL)
Default PT Item LabelItem Label (ITM-LBL)
Default PT Item Label 2Item Label (ITM-LBL)
Default Purchase OrderPurchase order report (PORD-RPT)
Default Route DocumentRoute report (RT-RPT)
Default Sales Delivery By Sales OrderSales delivery report (SDEL-RPT), Sales invoice report (SINV-REP)
Default Sales Delivery By SSCCSales delivery report (SDEL-RPT), Sales invoice report (SINV-REP)
Default Sales Order ConfirmationSales order report (SALO-REP)
Default Shipping LabelShipping Label (SH-LBL), PMX Sales shipping report (PSSH-RPT)
Default Shipping Label SmallShipping Label (SH-LBL), PMX Sales shipping report (PSSH-RPT)
Default Shipping Label With ItemsShipping Label (SH-LBL), PMX Sales shipping report (PSSH-RPT)
Default Warehouse Transfer DocumentWarehouse move report (WHSM-REP)
Default Weigh OrderWeigh order (WO_REP)
KPI_Avg Time Picking ReportKPI Average time picking report (KPI_ATP)
KPI_Num Deliveries Per Dock ReportKPI sum deliveries (KPI_SDE)
KPI_Pick Item Time ReportKPI pick item time report (KPI_PIT)
KPI_Pick Lines Per User ReportKPI lines per picker (KPI_LPP)
KPI_Time Managment ReportKPI Time management (KPI_TMA)
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