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Consolidated Packing Flow - keeping SSCC number


This flow can be used to double check the content of the carton boxes/logistic units prepared during the Prepare carts and Multi-picking flows. The flow keeps the SSCC number added to the carton boxes during the Prepare carts flow and it will only fully confirm or reject the content.


Before starting the picking flow, set the following configurations:


1. Select a packing location

Select a packing line where the logistic units to be checked are located.

Select a packing location

2. Select a picklist

After selecting a packing location, the system will display the list of the picklists which have been picked to the zone linked to the packing location.

Select a picklist from the list and proceed by pressing the right arrow.

Select a picklist

3. Scan an SSCC

Scan the SSCC barcode of the logistic unit.
Even if multiple SSCC's are available to be scanned, only one SSCC can be scanned at a time.

Please note that logistic units cannot be selected from the list.

Scan an SSCC

4. Add items

On the next screen you can see that the flow keeps the SSCC number and displays it on the upper right corner of the screen. Click Add items.

Please note that in this scenario all items need to be packed at the same time. It is not possible to partially pack because the goods are stored in the same SSCC. All the goods that are on the SSCC will be displayed and automatically selected. It is not possible to adjust the quantity or de-select a line.

5. Logistic unit is finished

After tapping the Add items button, the system automatically performs the Finish logistic unit functionality. The packed SSCC is ready for shipping and moved to the destination location defined in the picklist.

6. Skip all items

In this process it is not possible to partially pack, therefore the goods in the box are either complete and can be packed, or there is something wrong (for example items missing, there are more items than necessary in the box, etc.), in which case all items need to be skipped.

Tap the Skip all items button and on the next screen confirm that you wish to skip all the items.

The system proceeds to the Select a reason screen.
Select a reason from the list. Every reason that can be used for picking is listed.

Select a reason

On the next screen define where the skipped items should be moved.

  • To move the items onto an SSCC, scan the SSCC. If the scanned SSCC is not in stock, identify the destination location as described below.
  • To create a new SSCC, press the New SSCC button then identify the destination location as described below. If configured, the 700 - WHS: created LU print event is triggered and the logistic label is printed.
  • Scan the destination location or select it from a list.
    • Press the Select location button to list every active location from the warehouse.
    • Press the Select empty location button to list every empty active location from the warehouse.

Please note: If no SSCC is created or selected, the items will be moved without a linked logistic unit.

Select destination

After the destination location is defined, the system removes the locking from the skipped products and updates the picklist. The system adds the selected reason to the pick list line and closes it.

After the locking is removed, the skipped products are moved onto the selected logistic unit or destination location. Then the system returns to the Select a picklist screen where the user can continue the packing.

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