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-====== 4. Performing a version update ​======+====== 4. Performing a Version Upgrade ​====== 
 +This section describes the process of performing a version upgrade. As installing a new version of Produmex WMS over an older version is similar to a fresh installation,​ this section does not go into detail in the parts that are the same as in a fresh installation. 
 +<WRAP center round info 65%>In case of an SAP B1 patch level upgrade, only the configuration of Produmex Tools is necessary to be performed. See section [[implementation:​wms:​install_upgrade#​configure_the_produmex_tools|4.3.1. Configure the Produmex Tools]].</​WRAP>​ 
 +<WRAP center round important 100%> 
 +Upgrading to product version 19.2 or higher from a version lower than 19.2 removes the need for an extra PMX database. For performance reasons all standard views, functions and stored procedures are created in the company database. Any customized view, function and stored procedure needs to be moved manually.  
 +The existing extra PMX database is not removed by this upgrade. The database still exists and can be used for moving the necessary views, functions and stored procedures manually. 
 +Upgrading to product version 19.2 or higher from a version lower than 19.2 is a non-reversible operation and future product versions will have this migration as well, therefore, it is recommended to create backups. 
 {{page>​implementation:​wms:​upgrade_uninstall&​noeditbtn}} {{page>​implementation:​wms:​upgrade_uninstall&​noeditbtn}}
 {{page>​implementation:​wms:​upgrade_configure&​noeditbtn}}  {{page>​implementation:​wms:​upgrade_configure&​noeditbtn}}
 {{page>​implementation:​wms:​upgrade_addonloader&​noeditbtn}} {{page>​implementation:​wms:​upgrade_addonloader&​noeditbtn}}
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