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3.3.1. Configure the Produmex Tools

1. Click the Config button of the Produmex Tools.

2. Select an instance alias which will connect to the company database and click Run to start the Produmex Database Upgrade tool.

Choosing Connection

3. If necessary, change the connection by using the Connection drop-down list on the top of the screen. The drop-down list is filled with all the connection strings found in the configuration file of the Produmex Database Upgrade tool.

Database Upgrade Tool

4. The tool has three options, which are checked by default:

  • (1) Upgrade database
  • (2) Update localizations
  • (3) Update add-on files (Create User Defined Fields)

(1) Upgrade Database:
The tool upgrades your database to the required Produmex version.

  • Create User Defined Fields:
    The tool creates the necessary User Defined Tables. If the checkbox is not selected, the necessary UDFs need to be created manually in SBO.
  • Integration with Produmex Manufacturing:
    Select the checkbox if you want to use the integrated Produmex Manufacturing solution (see section: Working with Produmex Manufacturing and Produmex WMS).
  • Force to re-install PMX_SP_TransactionNotification: The checkbox is relevant in case of future version upgrades:
    • During a database upgrade, stored procedures are installed or updated as well, but the PMX_SP_TransactionNotification stored procedure is only added in case of a fresh installation or when upgrading from a version lower than 6.3. To update the PMX_SP_TranscationNotification during a version upgrade, select the Force to re-install PMX_SP_TransactionNotification checkbox.
    • Select the checkbox to add the stored procedure if it is missing.
    • If this stored procedure has been customized, these customizations will be lost in case of a version upgrade.

(2) Update Localizations:
This step updates localizations. It updates any translations to the required Produmex WMS version.

(3) Update Add-on Files:
This step uploads the Produmex suite add-on files necessary to run Produmex WMS.

Note: Before clicking Start, backup the stored procedure. If for some reason the stored procedure has to be re-installed, install it manually from the backup.

5. Click Start and the tool displays the process.

Database Upgrade Tool

6. On the Add-on Uploader Form select all row(s) corresponding to the installation and click Upload or if all the rows must be selected, click Select All and then click Upload.

When the upload is finished, click OK on the form and the screen is automatically closed.

Upload finished

7. When the upgrade process is finished, close the Produmex Database Upgrade and the Produmex Tools screens by clicking x in the top-right corner.

Upgrade Completed

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