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3.2. Install components

On the Produmex Suite Installer screen the Available Version column shows the Produmex WMS version you are going to install. To start the installation, proceed as follows.

1. Check in the Has Custom Files checkbox on the bottom right corner if there are custom files to be installed, such as customer specific workflow scripts.

If the checkbox is tagged, during the installation process you must locate the directory where the custom files are unzipped to. (Example of directory name: Project_OEC_1_0_0_327.)

Has Custom Files

2. In the Required column select the necessary components to be installed on the server.

Typically, an SAP server has the Produmex Tools, the License Server and the Fat Client installed. If the Produmex SB1 Notification Listener or a Scalecomm service is needed, you can install them on the SAP server.

Note: It is not possible to have more than one Produmex License Server and Scalecomm service version installed on a server.

3. If Produmex SB1 Notification Listener needs to be installed, after selecting the checkbox in the Required column, select the instance alias in the Instance Alias column.

Selecting the Instance Alias

4. Click Install All and the system installs all the components selected in the Required column.

Selecting and installing Components

5. On the Select Connection for Licensing screen select the appropriate connection for licensing from the drop-down menu and click OK.

Note: In the drop-down menu you will see all your connections that you can use for licensing. If you have multiple installation numbers, make sure that you select the connection from where the appropriate installation number can be retrieved.

Select Connection for Licensing

6. The Produmex Suite Installer displays your installation number. If the installation number is correct, click OK.

Note: In case there is a change in your licensing in the future and you need to change the connection, click the Update Licensing Data button of the Produmex Suite Installer, choose the appropriate connection and restart the service without reinstalling it.

Update Licensing Data

7. The installation of the selected components starts. When the installation is successfully finished, click OK.

Installing All Components

8. If you have checked the Has Custom Files option in step 1, you must locate the directory now. Click OK on the Produmex Installer screen, locate the directory where the files can be found and click OK.

Installer Pop-Up

Browsing for Folder

The installation of the components is finished. Continue with the section 3.3. Configure components.

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