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3.4. Registering the Produmex add-on

For our next step we need to register the Produmex add-on component in Sap Business One.

Make sure you run SAP Business One Client as administrator.

3.4.1. Install the add-on On Premise Install Add-On loader

In SAP Business One open the Add-On Administration window from Administration > Add-Ons. Click on the ‘Register Add-On’ button. On the opening Add-on Registration form browse the add-on loader installation .ard file after clicking on the ‘…’ button. The installation file is located in the installation zip folder \<SBO Version>\AddOnLoader. Selecting this file also opens the associated add-on installation package. Check the ‘Install as part of Registration’ checkbox and click on ‘OK’.

On the opening add-on installer select the installation folder, then press ‘Next’. After the installation is finished, SAP Business One needs to be closed and restarted. Set preferences

Start SAP Business One and navigate to Administration > Add-Ons > Add-On Administration. On the ‘Company Preferences’ tab select the Produmex Add-On Loader. Tick the ‘Active’ checkbox and set the Default Group.

On the ‘User Preferences’ tab select the user ‘manager’ and verify that for the Produmex Add-On Loader the Preferences is set to the wished value. In SAP cloud Install the Add-On Loader on the Could Control Center

Create a Produmex sub folder within the folder you defined as the Extension Repository Path in Cloud Control Center. Upload the zip folder of the lightweight installer to this Produmex folder. Do not unzip the file.

The zip folder is named:

It can be found in the installation zip folder of Produmex WMS: Produmex_WMS_<versionnumber>.<SBOversion>\<SBOversion>\AddOnLoader.

Regardless of the environment displayed in the name of the Produmex WMS installation folder, the lightweight installer zip contains both the x32 bit and the x64 bit installation files.

On the Could Control Center, navigate to Landscape Management > Extensions.

Check whether the installation file is listed on the Extensions grid then press the ‘Synchronize All’ button to install the Produmex Add-On Loader. Confirm that you would like to synchronize all extensions.

If the installation is successful, on the opening Synchronization Report the status on the line of the Produmex Add-On Loader is successful. The installation zip is automatically moved to the Produmex Shared Repository folder. Deploy the Add-On Loader to the Service Unit

When upgrading the add-on to a new version, make sure that the add-on is not running on any presentation server. If there is a running add-on, the upgrade will fail.

Next deploy the add-on loader on every service unit where you would like to use it.

Navigate to Landscape Management > Service Units. On the Service Units grid select the target service unit.

On the Service Unit Details grid go to the Extensions tab and click on the Deploy button. Follow the steps of the Extension Deployment Wizard. Select the Produmex Add-On Loader at the Select Extensions step then finish the deployment. Assign the add-on loader to the tenant(s)

Finally assign the Produmex Add-On Loader to the tenant(s) where you would like to use it.

This step is not required in the case of a version upgrade.

Go to Customer Management > Tenants. Select the tenant on the Tenants grid. On the Tenant Details grid navigate to the Extensions tab, then click on the ‘Assign’ button. Follow the steps of the Extension Assignment Wizard. In the Select Extensions step select the Produmex Add-On Loader, then finish the assignment.

3.4.2. Update database

This step is not required in the case of a version upgrade.

In SAP Business One navigate to Administration > Add-Ons >Add-On Manager > ‘Installed Add-Ons’ tab. If the Produmex Add-On Loader is not running, select it then click on ‘Start’.

On the opening screen click on the ‘Update database’ button to perform the needed database changes. If the database is already updated, ‘Database up-to-date’ checkbox is checked and this step can be skipped.

Then click on the ‘Set DB credentials’ button. On the opening form enter the DB credentials. After the credentials are set, click on the ‘Exit Add-On’ button to download the files needed for the add-on.

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