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Produmex WMS 2021.03

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Tested SAP B1 versions

  • SAP B1 9.3 PL14 32-bit MSSQL 2017
  • SAP B1 9.3 PL13 64-bit HANA
  • SAP B1 10.0 FP2011 HF2 64-bit MSSQL 2017
  • SAP B1 10.0 FP2011 HF2 64-bit HANA
  • SAP B1 10.0 FP2102 64-bit MSSQL 2017
  • SAP B1 10.0 FP2102 64-bit HANA

Note: Older and newer SAP Business One versions usually also work, but have not been specifically tested in this version.

Make sure that you do not use SBO10 PL3 (FP2008). As for PL4 (FP2011), do not use any version lower than Hotfix 2 (HF2). SBO10 PL3 (FP2008) and PL4 (FP2011) versions before HF2 are not supported with WMS.

If you are about to upgrade SAP Business One to a higher PL than we have tested Produmex WMS on, make sure that you always test your Produmex WMS processes in a test SAP environment before you perform the SAP PL upgrade on the live environment. For more information click here.

For business-oriented information and videos click here.

DB version: 731

DB Branch version: 0

Required Add-On Loader version: 20

(1) Produmex License Server upgrade:

  • From product version 2021.03, Produmex WMS requires License Server version 2021.03 or higher and does not work with previous License Server versions.
  • Upgrading the License Server to version 2021.03 is a one-time operation, that is, future add-on versions are expected to work with License Server 2021.03.

(2) Put Away Strategy and Move Restrictions

  • Location attribute types and values:
    You can define location attribute types and valid values for zones and bin locations in the Organizational Structure.
    • The defined location attribute types and their values are automatically inherited from the main zone to sub-zones and bin locations and from sub-zones to bin locations.
    • When a sub-zone or bin location inherits location attribute values, the system allows for selecting a different location attribute value later on.
  • Put Away Strategy:
    You can define which destination locations the Mobile Client should display when putting away stock in the warehouse. A hook flow can be used for customization purposes in a way that is optimal for your warehouse.
    • Hook flow: PutAwayDestinationLocationHookScript
    • Based on the customization, the system allows for scanning or selecting only the defined destination locations in the Put Away Flow.
    • You can reach the defined location attribute types and values with the help of the PMX_SP_GetOseAttributeValues stored procedure.
  • Move restrictions:
    With the help of Produmex Transaction Notification stored procedures, you can also define restrictions. When you move stock, you can make sure that the stock is not moved to the wrong destination location within the warehouse. Move restrictions can be defined for locations that are created in the Organizational Structure as bin locations. Through the validation location chain, all types of moves (including SBO and PMX) are validated.
    • PMX_SP_LocationValidation (not to be customized)
    • PMX_SP_LocationValidation_Custom (can be customized)
  • Logging time:
    The system tracks the start date and the end date of calling the hook flow and the stored procedure and does the logging in milliseconds in the PMX_LOGT table. You can use the table to determine if the custom stored procedure causes any performance issues.
  • Documentation:

(3) Integration:

  • ProcessWeaver integration:
    With the ProcessWeaver integration shipping labels can be obtained in Produmex WMS without having to use the two systems separately. Documentation: ProcessWeaver Integration

(4) UI framework:

  • You can start the scanner application of the Mobile Client in customization mode and you can customize the Reception Flow of the Purchase module.
  • You can customize the buttons and the screens of the flow and you can also define different customization for user groups and users.
  • New parameter: /cust

(5) Change in Reception Flow: Select a logistic carrier

  • When receiving a container, the system displays the Select a logistic carrier screen if no value is provided for the card code in the Container Management window. If the card code is provided, the system works as it is set in the Business Partner Master Data window.

(6) Change in the Production Flow

  • If the Direct Consumption of Goods setting (Organizational Structure > Silo > General tab) is disabled, the raw materials are not consumed when closing the production order in the Production Flow. To close the production order the Production Manager must be used.

(7) Other

  • HANA Report Setting Tool:
    The layout of the tool has been changed. Documentation: HANA Report Setting Tool
  • Translation:
    Spanish (code 25) and Italian (code 13) translations have been added. Documentation: Translations
  • Zones:
    On the level of zones in the Organizational Structure, there are two separate tabs for general settings and for attributes. On the General tab the Locked column has been renamed to Inherited. Documentation: Working with Zones and Zone Types

Bug fixes

N/AASN import does not work for items with SAP serial number and BBD 2021.03.08
N/ABeas-WMS integration: json response message when moving - the decimal separator should always be a period 2021.03.04
N/ABeas-WMS integration: Picking for Production - json message - provide an empty RFID if no LUID 2021.03.04
N/ABeas-WMS integration: using the wrong Beas-view for proposal creation 2021.03.01
N/AInvestigation: PmxWhsCode field in PMX_SENU 2021.03.05
N/APacking: Not user friendly error when trying to skip a Sales BOM component 2021.03.03
N/APicklist robot always groups PL into waves 2021.03.05
N/AReplenishment - Missing warehouse filtering 2021.03.03
N/ASales Delivery Tool does not consider NumberOfDays parameter
N/AUI Framework - Default Button with 0 Timeout causes error when the next screen starts with a message 2021.03.02
90978Replenishment - duplicates orders for the same item
95887WMS packing back arrow skips weight and dimensions entry 2021.03.04
97627Error when trying to undo over picking for Sales Order from Scan Gun and Packing table 2021.03.03
105470Problem when issuing a complete SSCC as waste 2021.03.07
109623Bugs report (receive from WHS) - Receive from WHS (bug 1) 2021.03.04
113266VerificationCode cannot be used in AD HOC Move to select the source location 2021.03.05
113746Produmex Best Before Date on Inventory Transfer error 2021.03.05
114011WMS - error button “received items” during receiving process 2021.03.03
114156GRPO cancellation not prevented when locking exist 2021.03.05
114415Picking - Express ad-hoc picking does not process GS1 barcode 2021.03.03
115146Picklist can't be closed after AR rev invoice cancelled
119099Reserved Qty on Pick List Proposal does not agree to the Ordered Qty 2021.03.03
119685Produmex Open Document Report (Picklist Type Report Issue) 2021.03.03
120589Production - Continuous picking does not list fully picked picklists 2021.03.09
122293Bug: Inventory viewing from the right click menu works without a Produmex license 2021.03.04
122969Picklist Robot/Notification Listener not splitting picklist proposal correctly by warehouse/dock
123191Container reception does not ask for logistical carriers
123685Goods receipt - Receiving SAP batch item with WMS serials numbers is slow
124738WMS Produmex - error when scanning barcode on create PO flow 2021.03.05
126019Problem to resize the Open Sales Order window 2021.03.05
126189New Inventory Item cannot be added 2021.03.05
128561Error in Receive from WHS flow during receiving a batch item after select NO on question about other products
128594Decimal reception
128948Google Maps integration does not work with Produmex WMS delivery routes
129415Picking - Unable to pick catch weight item if the item weight is always bigger than the Item Master catch weight value
129950Produce option in lined up location creates and issues produced stock AND sets a reservation in PMX_INLD
130007Non serial items with serial number after internal move 2021.03.05
130180Production client issues stock AND locks the stock for issuing too (double locking of stock)
130333Production - Cannot start Production for second user when batch number is generated by sequence
130415Error message when clicking print button on picklist document
131607Produmex WMS - Auto Invoice on Shipping - Returns Error “Nullable object must have a value” 2021.03.01
131727Mobile client - Login screen is case sensitive with assigned users 2021.03.03
132028Performance problem with 3PL invoicing 2021.03.08
132054Client cannot connect to License server
132630Not possible to put a production order on hold
134221Picklist and a sales order can be closed with an unprocessed PMX shipping record 2021.03.03
134280Production Order automatically closed when producing more than planned
134886Organizational Structure - Zone Type with the same code can be added multiple times
135150Wrong UoM usage in Sales Return process
135175Picklist and a sales order can be closed with an unprocessed PMX shipping record 2021.03.03
135276Reception - Split received quantity into logistic units does not split catch weight
136197Locked quantity remains after sales order line is removed 2021.03.04
136487Serial number - Stock inconsistency (Receipt from warehouse) 2021.03.03
136652Several picklists for a single order 2021.03.03
136793Receive from WHS - Using Inventory/Stock Transfer Request causes error “System.Exception: Key: NumPerMsr”
137109Produmex User Warehouse (PMX_UWHS) setup - T20210311.0015 2021.03.05
137306Error when receiving from non managed warehouse without txf request 2021.03.04
137491Bin verification code not working when moving multiple SSCCs 2021.03.01
137587Combine packed SSCC flow 2021.03.02
137801The system does not keep the same SSCC for picking 2021.03.02
138244Error New serial numbers are not allowed 2021.03.09
138330WMS Inventory Report - Width of rightmost column is very large each time grid displays 2021.03.01
138590Item Description Does not copy correctly 2021.03.03
139143When using Box Pick and Pack workflow picking for Pick Lists created from Inventory Transfer Requests is wrong (PLs from SOs work) 2021.03.03
139678Import Initial SAP Stock Tool: Cannot import batch items from multiple Warehouses in HANA version 2021.03.05
139995Produmex WMS - Item Packing does not allow decimals in “quantity to pack” 2021.03.04
140039Test in HANA - Combine 2 SSCCs 2021.03.08
140111Packing fails if item has UoM group 2021.03.04
140388Error message on ASN screen with PDMX 2020 2021.03.03
140550Not possible to split quantity in different locations during reception 2021.03.04
140592Put Away: empty bin location (Max Logistic Units= 1) cannot be selected as destination 2021.03.04
140786Produmex WMS Robot not creating lockings for customer minimum stock 2021.03.07
140820Picklists can be generated even if there is no free stock 2021.03.07
140904Receive from WHS Flow - invalid quantity error in “No Order” case 2021.03.04
141067Picking - Non real time picking duplicates rows 2021.04.04
141258Produmex add-on cannot be started 2021.03.09
141564NotificationListener stored procedure 2021.03.04
142688Incorrect conversion of quantities on PMX client (decimal place issue) 2021.03.09
142877Invalid Item to pack in “Item Packing” 2021.03.07
143191Cannot create a picklist proposal 2021.03.06
143947Print filter Matrix not working for Receive from warehouse 2021.03.07
144105Cycle Count of Serial Numbers sets some to InStock = No in PMX_SENU table 2021.03.09
144207Remove SSCC when we perform a replenish order 2021.03.08
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