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4.1. Fat client configurations

There are typically 2 types of startup configurations: 1 for a scanner, and 1 for a touchscreen.
Below you can find 1 example of each:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Produmex\Produmex Fat Client\Produmex.Sbo.Logex.Execute.FatClient.exe" /f- /a:Produmex.Foundation.SlimScreen.WinGui.PocketSize /s+ /w:240 /h:320 /i:SCANNER1 /cs:SboConnectionString

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Produmex\Produmex Fat Client\Produmex.Sbo.Logex.Execute.FatClient.exe" /f- /a:Produmex.Foundation.SlimScreen.WinGui.TouchScreen /s+ /w:1024 /h:768 /i:TOUCH1 /cs:SboConnectionString

Explanation for all the parameters:

Parameter Description
/f- f- means no fullscreen, f+ means fullscreen
/a:Produmex.Foundation.SlimScreen.WinGui.PocketSize PocketSize is for scanner fatclient, TouchScreen is for touch fatclient
/s+ s+ means form is sizable, s- means not sizable. Ignored if 'FullScreen' is set.
/w:240 Screen width (pixels) , scanner default = 240, touch default = 1024. Ignored if 'FullScreen' is set.
/h:320 Screen height (pixels) , scanner default = 320, touch default = 768. Ignored if 'FullScreen' is set.
/i:SCANNER1 SCANNER01 is the code of the client defined in the organizational structure
/cs:SboConnectionString Connection string tag name defined in fatclient config file.
/k:+ Show a keyboard.
/kp:50 The percentage of keyboard height.
/sp:50 The percentage of screen width.
/dilng:EN The language to use in the DI API connection (overrides the Produmex.DI_API.Language app setting). Use language codes from the OLNG table (ShortName column). Default: EN.
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