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Working with Zones and Zone Types

1. Overview

This documentation describes the configuration of Zones and Zone Types and their use on the Mobile Client when receiving, putting away and picking items.

2. Configuration

2.1. Define zone types

Zone types can be defined on the Zone Types tab of the Organizational Structure.

  • When adding a zone type, enable the Needs Reason setting if a reason must be provided when receiving or moving the item into a zone with the given zone type.
    Reasons can be defined on the Reasons tab of the Organizational Structure and the Use for Zone Types setting must be enabled.
  • Enable the Show Zone Type setting to make zones with the given zone type available on the Mobile Client.

Zone Types

2.2. Add zone types to zones

On the level of zones in the Organizational Structure, zone types can be added to zones with the help of the Zone Type drop-down menu.

The Zone Type drop-down menu lists the zone types that are configured on the Zone Types tab of the Organizational Structure.

Adding zone types to zones

If the zone is the main zone and has one or more sub-zones, the zone type of the main zone also applies to its sub-zones. When a sub-zone is created, it automatically inherits the zone type of the main zone and the inherited zone type is locked.

Locked zone types can be deleted only if the given zone type is deleted on the level of the main zone.

Inherited Zone Type

2.3. Assign zone types to items

In the Item Master Data window zone types can be assigned to items and Produmex WMS allows for storing the given item only in zones with the defined zone types.

In the Item Master Data window go to Produmex > Inventory tab and in the Zone Type Code drop-down menu select the zone type(s). The drop-down menu lists the zone types defined on the Zone Types tab of the Organizational Structure.

Note: Items with defined zone types cannot be stored in movable locations and docks that do not belong to any zones.

Defining zone type code

3. Receiving items

When receiving an item with assigned zone types, the Reception Flow allows for receiving the item only in those zones that have the same zone types as the item has in the Item Master Data window.

During the Reception Flow, the system displays the Select a Location screen and you can select a dock that is in a zone with the appropriate zone type.

After selecting the item during the Reception Flow, the Mobile Client displays the Select a Zone Type screen and lists only those zone types that are assigned to the item.

Receiving an item

4. Putting away items

When putting away items with the Put Away Flow, the Scan a Destination Location screen suggests destination locations that are in zones with the same zone type as the item has in the Item Master Data Window.

The displayed default location is defined by the Default Location or Zone Code grid on the Item Master Data > Produmex > Inventory tab.

The system suggests locations that are not full. The maximum number of logistic units on a bin location is defined by the Max Logistic Units setting on the level of bin locations in the Organizational Structure (see Bin settings).

Suggested locations

5. Picking items in separate zones

With Produmex WMS it is possible to perform the picking process for the same wave in separate zones at the same time. Produmex WMS splits the Sales Order to separate picklists on the basis of the item pick type, that is, each picklist belongs to a separate zone.


1. Open the Produmex Picklist Types UDT (PMX_PLTY). Select the Split PL on item pick type? option for the given picklist type and define the number of pallets that can be added to a picklist proposal in the Number of Pallets column.

2. In the Item Master Data window go to Produmex > Sales and set the Pick Type. The list of item pick types is defined by the Produmex Item Pick Types (PMX_IPIT) UDT.

3. Generate picklists from the Sales Order.

4. Open the Open Documents Report and create a new wave from the generated picklists.

5. Start the Zone Picking Flow or the Zone Box Picking Flow. When performing the picking process, the system displays the picklist for the given zone and the picking process can be performed on separate picklists at the same time. When the items in all the picklists of the wave are picked, the Delivery Note document is generated.

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