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Organizational Structure: Bin location settings

On the level of bin locations the following settings can be defined.

General tab

General tab

Enable the setting if the bin location is active.

Location Type
It is possible to define a location type and link it with a bin location. This information has no technical use, it is for information purposes only.

The location types to be displayed in the drop-down menu can be set in the Location types (PMX_LOTY) default form.

Pick Location
Enable the setting if the bin location is a pick location. If this is not the case the items that are stored at this location cannot be used for composing a shipment (order picking). A bin that is not used for picking (bulk location) can be used to store safety stock that is used to replenish various pick locations.

Priority Picking
If the bin location is a pick location, an additional Priority Picking checkbox is displayed. When this checkbox is checked, the bin location has a higher priority during stock allocation for picklists than other bin locations.

Can be Destination for Picking
Enable the setting if the bin location can be a destination destination location of the picking process. If the setting is enabled, it is possible to select this location as dock on the picklist.

The order in which the products at this location are used to compose a picking order. The pick locations with the lowest sequence number are used first to complete the pick order.

Block Stock from Being Used for the Picking Process
If this setting is enabled, the stock on this location cannot be used to put on a proposal. When a picklist gets the allocation on a location level, these locations are not taken in account.
If the setting is enabled, replenishment orders do not take stock from locations.
If the setting is enabled, the location is added to the view PMX_DISALLOWED_LOCATIONS_FOR_PICKING.

Can be Lined Up
If the option is selected, the stock in the location is used directly and does not need to be picked. When there is a component to be lined up in the production order, the location can be selected during the Production flow.

Direct Consumption of Goods (Production Manager)
If the option Can Be Lined Up is set to true, this option is visible. By default, the lined up locations are not directly consumed when using the production manager (Production Receipt flow). The stock is locked for the production order, and it is consumed when stopping the production order using the production manager. If this option is set to true, the goods that are lined up on this location, are automatically consumed on the receipt from production.

Block Move When Location Is Not Empty.
If this setting is enabled, a move to this location when it is not empty is not allowed.

Block On Different Item or Batch

  • None: Nothing will happen.
  • Warn: Display a warning message when a different item or a different lot number will be added to that location. This warning is only when using the RF terminals.
  • Block: Block the move when a different item or a different lot number will be added to that location.

Max Logistic Units
The maximum number of allowed logistic units (SSCCs).
If the stock is not on an SSCC, the system considers all of the stock as one logistic unit.
This does not block a move, but it is used when proposing locations on the devices.

Quality Status
This option forces a certain quality status on the location.
When adding/moving stock to the location, the system will check whether the quality status of the stock matches with the quality status of the location. If the quality status does not match, the following can happen:

  • When booking a move through the handheld device or the Produmex inventory report, the system will automatically set the quality status of the stock to the quality status of the location and then it will perform the move.
  • When booking a move with other processes, the system will not change the quality status of the stock and the move will be blocked.

When performing a direct cycle count on a location with a quality status, newly created stock will get this quality status.

How to set up location where only released stock can be stored, but avoid the quality status change when non-released stock is moved on the location

On the Quality status tab disable the Can be put on a pick location setting for every quality status that is not allowed on the given location. Then enable the pick location setting for the given bin location. Set the reception/quality control area as a non-pick location.
This way only the allowed quality statuses can be stored on pick locations.

Verification Code
The verification code is a unique code which can be used for verifying bin locations in the different flows. It has the same function as a bin location code, but it is more complex and its use is optional.

By default, you can verify the correct bin location on your scanner by scanning the bin location code or entering it manually, in which case an incorrect code may be entered. With a verification code, you can make sure that the correct bin location is verified because verification codes are not shown on the scanner and force the user to scan the barcode instead of manually entering the code.

Providing a verification code is optional and you can either use the verification code or the bin location code for verifying the correct bin location in the different flows:

  • If a verification code is added to a bin location, you need to verify the bin location by scanning its verification code or scanning its bin location code.
  • If no verification code is provided to the bin location, you need to verify the bin location by providing its bin location code.

Note: The verification code must be unique. It cannot be used by another bin, and it cannot be an existing location code. If you want to add a verification code to more than one bin location, make sure that each bin location has its own, unique verification code. If you add a verification code which is already used by another bin location, the system displays an error message.

Indicates that the storage location is used for specific products. In this case a minimum, maximum quantity is defined for the item on that location.
When a location is fixed, the system will block local moves for other products into that location.

Can Be Replenished
Enables this option if the bin location can be taken in account for replenishment orders.
A minimum, maximum and replenish quantity needs to be set.
This can only be set when the location is a pick location.

Cycle Count tab

Cycle Count tab

Allow location to be counted during cycle count
Is the location allowed to be counted?

Allow location to be counted during other operations
Is the location allowed to be counted during other operations? This means that when this location is used on certain flows, the system will check if a count is needed. If so, the system will ask the user to perform a count.

Locations needs to be counted now
When this option is enabled, the location will be counted, regardless of the other settings (Number of days, number of operations, …)

Count after X days
When a location has not been counted for the number of days defined here, the location needs to be counted. If the number is 0, this setting is not taken in account, and the setting on company level is taken.

Count after X operations
If the number of operations since the last count exceeds the defined number of operations, the location needs to be counted. If the number is 0, this setting is not taken in account and the setting on company level is taken.

Locked by (read-only field)
This field shows the key of the user that is locking the location, because he needs to count the location or is currently in process to count the location.
When a location is locked, it cannot be used in other processes.
The location is released by clicking the ‘unlock’ button.
Stock on locked locations is not taken in account to create pick list (proposals).

Put Away tab

This is used in the Location Suggestions functionality.

Put Away tab

Item Location Type
This can be used to link a location to an item.
An item can also have an item storage location type.
When locations need to be suggested, and an item has a location item type selected, only locations with the same item location type are allowed. The list of item storage location types is stored in the PMX_ISLT default form.

Put Away Zone
This stores for a certain storage location:

  • What the zones are where the items can be placed
  • Or to what put away zone a location belongs to

The list of the Put Away Zone drop-down menu is defined by the Put away zone (PMX_PAZO) default form.

Sort the Pick Sequence Descending?
Locations belong to a put away zone. How are locations within this zone sorted? Pick sequence descending or ascending?

Location Belongs to Put Away Zone?
Does this location belong to a put away zone? If it is not checked, it means that when goods need to be put away for the current location, the system should look for locations that belong to this zone.
If it is checked, the location belongs to this put away zone.

Sequence number
This is the sequence number for the put away zones. It defines the order in which locations in a put away zone needs to be retrieved.

For more information see Location Suggestions.

Attributes tab

On the Attributes tab you can add location attribute types and define attribute values for the bin location.

Attributes tab

Attribute Code
The Attribute Code drop-down menu lists those attribute types that are defined on the Produmex Location Attribute Types (PMX_OSAT) default form.

Attribute Value
In the attribute value field you can add values to the location attribute based on the convertor defined for the location attribute type.

  • In case of location attribute types with convertor String, Int, Double and Date, you can manually add values in the Attributes Value field.
  • In case of location attribute types with List convertor type, the Attribute Value drop-down menu lists the valid values for the selected location attribute type. The list of the drop-down menu can be defined on the Valid Values for Produmex Location Attributes (PMX_OAVV) default form.

Is Inherited Value

If the Is Inherited Value column shows True, the attribute type and the attribute value are inherited from the zone.

For information on working with location attributes see Put Away Strategy and Move Restrictions.

Inherited location attributes

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