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2.3.53. Packing Controller

Extension: Packing Controller - Controls the Packaging

Packing Controller

Combine Packed SSCC Flow

Start by scanning SSCC?
If the setting is enabled, the Combine Packed SSCC Flow starts with the step of scanning an SSCC and the Select customer / address screen is skipped. The customer and the address are retrieved from the picklist.

Consolidated Packing flow

Allow partially picked pick lists to be packed (Y/N)
If the setting is enabled, the system allows for packing picklists with partially picked status.

General Settings

Add logistic carriers to all Sub SSCC’s (Y/N)
If the setting is enabled, the selected logistic carrier is linked to the sub SSCC instead of the master SSCC.
If the setting is disabled, the logistic carrier is linked only to the master SSCC.

Note: The combination of adding logistic carriers to master and sub SSCCs is not possible.

The setting applies to the following flows:

Ask logistic carrier when LUID is finished
If the setting is enabled, the Packing Flow does not ask for the logistic carrier when a new LUID is started, but only when the user indicates that the LUID is full.

Allow changing shipping type for Logistic Unit? (Y/N)
If this setting is enabled, it allows selecting between different types of Manual and Auto Shipping on the thin client when a logistic Unit is completed at the packing flow (the default is set by the Sales Order header) and it also appears on the LUID table. When the setting is off, Shipping Types are only configurable at the base documents: Sales Orders, A/R Invoices or Inventory Transfer Requests.

Note: the functionality works only if the Shipping Type is Manual or Automatic in all base document lines.

Allow the input of an external SSCC? (Y/N) and Force user to rescan SSCC? (Y/N)
If both settings are enabled, the system allows for scanning an external SSCC instead of generating a new SSCC automatically. When the first item is added, the system displays the Scan an SSCC extra screen and the user can scan the SSCC.

In addition, each time a new item is added, the user must rescan the SSCC to ensure that the item is added to the appropriate logistic unit. If the wrong SSCC is scanned, the system displays an error message and does not allow the item to be added to the logistic unit. The user must scan the appropriate SSCC (or select a different item and then scan the appropriate SSCC) to proceed with the flow.

Important: Both settings must be enabled to use the functionality. If only one of them is enabled, it will not have any effect.

Finished LUID screen. View name
The name of the view that is used for customizing the Finished LUID screen. Required field: LUID.

Perform automatic shipping per customer/address? (Y/N)
If the setting is enabled, the system tries to perform automatic shipping for each packed picklist for the same customer/address/ship to code instead of checking if all picklists in the wave are packed.

Pick list grouping
When packing items, the user must select the customer/address if there are multiple customer/address on the movable location or SSCC.
There are 2 options:

  • Grouping on CardCode, ShipToCode, ShipToAddress
  • Grouping on CardCode, ShipToAddress

Pick list order by
The sorting of picklists on the Select a Pick List screen of the packing flows. Options:

  • Order by due date, priority, wave key
  • Order by priority, due date, wave key

The setting applies to the following packing flows:

Time to show 'Packing LUID finished' message
The number of seconds during which time the Logistic unit finished message is shown on the scanner: Possible values:

  • Negative values: The message is not shown.
  • Value 0: The message remains visible until the user clicks the OK button.
  • Positive values: The message remains visible for the entered period of time in seconds.

Use pallet packaging type from customer master data?
If the setting is enabled, the packing flows use settings available on the business partner master data to check if multiple identical master and/or sub SSCCs need to be created.
Supported flows:

Item Packing Flow and Cash Register Packing Flow

Force user to only scan items (Y/N)?
If the setting is enabled, the quantity to pack must be added by scanning the barcodes and the quantity cannot be entered manually. The setting applies to the Item Packing Flow and Cash Register Packing Flow.

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