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26. Combine packed SSCC flow

Produmex provides a function to combine packed pallets on the loading dock right before the shipping with the ‘Combine packed SSCC’ flow. With this function users can move stock from a pallet to another or can create new logistic units.

26.1. Initiate the flow

Select the ‘Combine packed SSCC’ flow from the ‘Sales’ module on the handheld terminal.

26.2. Select the customer and the address

On the next screen select the customer and the shipping address. Different shipping addresses for the same customer are displayed on separate lines. Every customer shipping address that has linked ‘Packed’ pick list are shown on the screen.

26.3. Scan SSCC

Scan the SSCC. Only logistic units packed for the selected customer and address can be scanned.

If the ‘Start by scanning SSCC?’ option is enabled on the Packing controller, the system automatically skips the ‘Select customer/address’ screen. On the ‘Scan an SSCC’ screen scan the SSCC. Only SSCC’s that are linked to a pick list with the status ‘Packed’ can be scanned.
The customer and address will be retrieved from the pick list.

26.4. Identify the product

On the next screen scan the item to move from the pallet or select it from a list after pressing the ‘Select a product button’. Only items located on the logistic unit will be listed.

To combine the entire pallet with another logistic unit press the ‘Combine everything’ button.

The system automatically proceeds to the next screen if the pallet is a mono pallet.

26.5. Enter the quantity

Enter the quantity to move. For more information about adding the quantity in Produmex see: 4.3.4. Screens for entering additional information.

26.6. Scan destination SSCC

Scan the SSCC of the destination logistic unit, or press the ‘New SSCC’ button to move the products onto a new logistic unit. The new logistic unit will be linked to the shipping dock where the source logistic unit is located.

If defined, the ‘Packing: Finish logistic unit (500)’ print event is triggered and the logistic label is printed.

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