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4.1. Uninstall components

Make sure that no one (neither SAP users nor Device clients) is logged in the SAP live environment by checking the Task Manager and disconnecting each user with open connection to the server.

Note: Device clients, like touchscreen-terminals and scanners, keep most of their data in cache, such as company settings and installation files. When these devices boot, they connect to the server and retrieve the new scripts and other installation files.

1. Recommended step: Copy the configuration file (ProdumexInstallConfig.xml) of your previous installation into the ProdumexSuiteInstaller directory of your new version. This way you do not have to specify your SAP Business One databases manually.

2. Start the Produmex Suite Installer as an administrator.

3. Accept the End User Licence Agreement.

4. Click Uninstall All to uninstall each installed component.

Uninstalling Components

4.2. Install components

From product version 19.2, Produmex WMS requires License Server version 19.2 or higher and does not work with previous License Server versions.
Upgrading the License Server to version 19.2 is a one-time operation, that is, future add-on versions are expected to work with License Server 19.2. However, the License Service version is recommended to match the add-on version because of possible changes in the future.

Install all necessary components. The installation process is the same as for a fresh installation (see 3.2. Install components).

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