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27. Showroom

The Produmex Showroom application can be used in a showroom to scan items, and enter them into a sales order.

27.1. Configuration

27.1.1. Set up a scanner

Under Produmex > Organizational Structure, define a new OSE object of type ‘Thin Client’.

When adding a new OSE object of type ‘Thin Client’, some data needs to be set:

The code of the scanner

The name of the scanner

Select the option ‘MainShowroomFlowScript’

Parameter set
For this workflow, there are some parameters that need to be defined. This can be done by selecting ‘Showroom ThinClient – ParameterSet’.

Number of items in sales unit column name
Define here the column name of the column that stores the number of items in the sales unit, defined on the item master data. By default ‘NumInSale’ is used. If you have a UDF to store this value, you can provide the name of the UDF.

Admin password
Provide here the password that will be used to unlock the administrator functionality in the showroom application. By default the password is ‘produmex’

27.1.2. Define the report to be printed

When an order has been added by the showroom application, an order confirmation can be printed.

First create a new ‘Sales order report (SALO-REP)’ type report on the ‘Reports’ tab page. For more information about the report settings see: 5.1.5. Reports

27.1.3. Define the print event

Then create the print event on the ’Print events’ tab page. Set the report created in the previous step as the ‘Report’. Select the ‘Sales order: sales order added event (600)’ as the ‘Event’.

Adjust the other settings as well. For more information about the print event settings see: 5.1.6. Print events

27.2. Showroom application

27.2.1. Select task

Log on then select a task:

  • Press the ‘Select customer’ button to select a customer to make the sales order for.
  • Press the ‘Enter admin password’ button to have administrator functionality. When having administrator functionality, the cost of item to order will be shown and can be changed during the flow. When entering wrong password for three times, the user will be logged off.

Note: The admin password has to be entered every time a new sales order is started.

27.2.2. Select customer

Select the customer make a sales order for. It is possible to filter the list by entering text into the textbox.

27.2.3. Identify product

Scan a barcode of the product to identify the product order. If no barcode is present, press the ’Select a product’ button and select it from a list. The list can be filtered by entering text to the textbox.

27.2.4. Show product information

The next screen shows the following product information:

  • The item code and description
  • The number of items in the sales unit
  • The price - The special price for the customer (if it is set)
  • The item cost of the product
  • The available quantity in stock

27.2.5. Enter quantity to order

Enter the quantity to order. There is no limitation on the quantity.

27.2.6. Enter price

When the administrator functionality is unlocked or for some reason there is no price set, it is possible to change the price of the product to order.

When the administrator functionality is locked, the price set for the item is taken a price. In case there is a special price set for the customer, then the customer price is taken.

27.2.7. Identify next product

Identify the next product to order. After identifying every product to order, press on the ‘Order items’ button.

To go back, press the left arrow button. When there are products in the list to order, the system will ask for confirmation: Press ‘Yes’ to go back. The list of items to order will be cleared. Press ‘No’ to proceed with the current order.

27.2.8. Show all ordered items

After pressing the ‘Order items’ button, the system displays the list of the ordered products with the quantity and the entered price of the product. The total quantity of the order is shown in the bottom of the screen.

It is possible to delete a product from the list. Select the product and press the ‘Delete’ button. The total price will be updated accordingly.

27.2.9. Select order task

To proceed with the order, press the ‘Order’ button.

To cancel the order, press the ‘Cancel order’ button.

To add items to the order, press the ‘Add more items’ button.

27.2.10. Enter delivery date

After pressing the ‘Order’ button, enter the delivery date. The system will save the order.

If there was a print event defined, it will be triggered after the order has been saved.

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