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30. Change quality status flow

30.1. Initiate flow

To change the quality status on the shopfloor, press the ’Change quality status’ button. The button can be reached via: Logistics > Inventory.

30.2. Scan source location or GS1 label

Scan the GS1 label or the location. To select the location from a list, press the ’Select location’ button. Every active location from the warehouse(s) assigned to the thin client is listed.

30.3. Details item in stock

On the next screen the current stock of the scanned location/logistic unit is listed. The following information is displayed:

  1. Location code
  2. Quantity on stock
  3. Item code – Item description – Barcode
  4. SSCC number
  5. Batch number, Batch number 2
  6. Current quality status
  7. Best Before Date

30.4. Select a quality status

Then select the quality status from the list. A quality status is only listed if the current quality status of the stock can be changed to it and the user belongs to the user group that is authorized to perform the quality status transition.

30.5. Select a reason

If the Ask for reason checkbox is checked for the quality status transition, select the reason of the quality status change from the list. Every reason that can be used for quality status change is listed.

If the Requires extra reason text option is enabled for the selected reason, enter additional explanation to the textbox on the screen. You have to enter minimum 10 characters in order to proceed.

After the reason is selected, the quality status is changed. The system goes back to the ’Scan source location or GS1 label’ screen.

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