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Configure Mobile Client on Organizational Structure

A thin client is a fixed or mobile operator station (touchscreen, handheld terminal, etc.), by which the operator can interact and communicate with Produmex WMS. On the thin client level the following settings can be made:

1. Workflow tab

Workflow tab

Next you can also assign a thin client to a “workflow”. A workflow is a sequence of actions to execute a certain operation, e.g. Reception, Picking, Production, Shipping, …

Parameter set
For certain flows extra parameters can be set. When selecting a parameter set, the options to enter are available below.

Number of items in sales unit column name
Define here the column name of the column that stores the number of items in the sales unit, defined on the item master data. By default ‘NumInSale’ is used. If you have a UDF to store this value, you can provide the name of the UDF.

Admin password
Provide here the password that will be used to unlock the administrator functionality in the showroom application. By default the password is ‘produmex’

2. Warehouses tab

Workflow tab

Thin clients created under a warehouse will see the warehouse locations and orders for the warehouse by default. On the ’Warehouse’ tab additional warehouses can be assigned for the thin client. If a warehouse is assigned for the thin client, its locations and orders can be seen on the client. It is not possible to disable the parent warehouse for the thin client by unticking the checkbox to the parent warehouse.

3. Users tab

Workflow tab

By default every SBO user can use the thin client if there is a free license that can be allocated for the thin client. However it is possible to assign only certain users for a thin client.

If there is at least one assigned user, only assigned users can login on the thin client. In case no users are assigned, ALL users are allowed to access the flow.

On the Users tab every SAP Business One user is listed. Check the ’Assigned’ checkbox in to assign an user.

4. Default Scales tab

Workflow tab

On the Default Scales tab you can set the default scales for users that they use during the Weighing Flow. For more information click here.

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