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Produmex Scan 2022.04

Produmex Download page
Download version 2022.04

Tested SAP Business One versions

  • SAP B1 10.0 FP2111 64-bit MSSQL 2019
  • SAP B1 10.0 FP2111 64-bit HANA

Note: Older and newer SAP Business One versions will usually also work, but have not been specifically tested in this version.

If you use Produmex Manufacturing and you upgrade to Produmex Scan 2021.10 or higher, make sure that you upgrade to Produmex Manufacturing 2021.10 as well. Without upgrade Produmex Manufacturing will not work because of version incompatibility.

Play sound

  • The Sounds tab has been added to the Client configuration parameters.
    • On the Sounds tab you can define if you want Produmex Scan to play a sound whenever a barcode has been scanned successfully or a problem has occured while scanning.
    • If you enable the Play Sound setting, you can also set the success and the fail sound in the drop-down menus.
  • The setting and the drop-down menus are available on the Android version as well.
  • The path of the sounds files that Produmex Scan displays in the drop-down menus can be defined with the Audio directory for scanning (Service Broker directory) setting on the Produmex Scan Scanning tab.
  • See documentation here and here.

Supported GS1 Application Identifiers

  • Produmex Scan supports the following GS1 AIs:
    • AI 3100 - NetWeightKilo0 - Net weight, kilograms (variable measure trade item)
    • AI 3101 - NetWeightKilo1 - Net weight, kilograms (variable measure trade item)
    • AI 3102 - NetWeightKilo2 - Net weight, kilograms (variable measure trade item)
    • AI 3103 - NetWeightKilo3 - Net weight, kilograms (variable measure trade item)
    • AI 3104 - NetWeightKilo4 - Net weight, kilograms (variable measure trade item)
    • AI 3105 - NetWeightKilo5 - Net weight, kilograms (variable measure trade item)

Picking Flow

  • If a picklist is fully picked, that is, there is no more open line on the picklist, Produmex Scan displays the text Picked and a green checkmark on the right side of the screen. On Android both the text and the checkmark are green.

Crystal Reports

  • From product version 2022.04 Produmex Scan supports Crystal Reports Runtime 13.0.25 and higher. When upgrading, you can uninstall Crystal Reports VS 2008 that was required previously.

Bug fixes

155206Batches/Serial Numbers allocated to a sales order for non-bin managed warehouse not shown during picking
156960Wrong batch details handling for multiple batchis in GRPO process 2022.04.01
160895Sales Order: “Keep focus on prepared line (all processes)” setting doesn't work with non bin managed warehouse
163338Error Produmex Scan UOM Group details are missing
170859Translation failed - Italian translation missing 2022.04.01
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