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Produmex Scan for Android


From product version 19.3, Produmex Scan is available as an APK client. Produmex Scan for Android can be installed directly on an Android scanner and all features of previous Windows CE and RDP versions are available.

Documentation structure:


1. A configured SAP B1 company

2. A working Produmex Scan environment (as the APK file is the client part only)

  • The minimum Produmex Scan version is 19.3.
  • Produmex Scan can be downloaded from here and the normal installation and configuration procedures must be followed (see Installation Guide and Configuration Guide).

Note: If you already have an environment with a Produmex Scan version lower than 19.3, you only need to perform a version upgrade, and add the APK file as an extra client.

3. An Android scanner or an Android smartphone version 6 or later

Note: Produmex Scan for Android is optimized for simple smartphones and it uses the camera for scanning. It is for demonstration purposes instead of actual operations as scanning by using a smartphone camera has limited functionality.

Installation and Initial Setup

1. Download the ProdumexScan_ClientAndroid_[version].apk file to your device from here.

2. Execute the APK file on your device.

Note: Depending on the device, it may be necessary to allow untrusted sources.

3. Enter the server URL (i.e. the URL where the Service Broker is running) in the Server URL field of the General tab.

4. Select a company.

5. Select a language.

6. Go to the Advanced tab and set up the configuration.

Advanced tab

Use camera for barcode and Do not show keyboard settings:

  • In case of using an industrial scanner with a keyboard:
    • Leave the Use camera for barcode setting disabled.
    • Enable the Do not show keyboard setting.
  • In case of using an industrial scanner without a keyboard:
    • Leave the Use camera for barcode setting disabled.
    • Leave the Do not show keyboard setting disabled.
  • In case of using an Android smartphone:
    • Enable the Use camera for barcode setting.
    • Leave the Do not show keyboard setting disabled.
    • For more information see section 5. Scanning Barcodes with Camera.

Smaller controls: If the setting is enabled, the size of controls is reduced and the Data Repeater list has more space on the screen.

Smaller controls setting enabled

(Initial) Connection Timeout (sec): An initial timeout setting for the Client application with a default value of 15 seconds.

  • First the Client application requests its configuration (including the Kill Time value - 30 seconds by default) from the application server and it uses the Connection Timeout setting. If the application server does not respond within the time limit defined by the Connection Timeout setting, the Client application aborts the connection.
  • If this first communication is successful, that is, the application server responds to the Client application within the time limit, a total timeout value is applied to define the timeout for future communication among the Client application, the application server and the database. The total timeout value is defined by the sum of the (Initial) Connection Timeout and the Kill Time with a default value of 45 seconds (15 sec + 30 sec).
  • If your application or database server is slow, it is recommended to change the value of the (Initial) Connection Timeout to a higher number.

Timeout values

7. After setting up the configuration click OK.

Configure the Windows Defender Firewall

This section describes the steps of configuring the Windows Defender Firewall.

Note: If you use a different firewall software, make sure that you consult with the manual of the given software and proceed accordingly.

By default, Windows Defender Firewall does not allow smartphones to connect to PCs or laptops and it also prevents the Produmex Scan Android Client from connecting to the server. The following error message is displayed: Information: Could not connect to server, please enter the correct URL. Click OK and proceed as follows:

1. Open the Windows Defender Firewall on the Control Panel.

2. Select Advanced settings.

3. Select Inbound Rules and then select New Rule.

New Rule

4. On the New Inbound Rule Wizard screen select Port and click Next.

5. Select TCP and write the Port number configured on the Produmex Server to the Specific local ports field. Click Next.

Note: The default value is 50231. If you configure the Produmex Scan Server on a different port, make sure that you provide the appropriate value.

New Inbound Rule Wizard

6. Select Allow the connection and click Next.

7. Select all the options (Domain, Private, Public) and click Next.

8. Provide a name in the Name field and click Finish.

New Inbound Rule Wizard


The same customization can be used for the Android version as for the Windows version and the same configurations apply to it with the exceptions indicated in the following sections.

1. Customization Assist Mode

The Customization assist mode setting can be enabled on the Advanced tab and the general customization guidelines apply to it. Exceptions:

  • fields on external form (section 4.2)
  • data positioning (section 4.3)

Customization Assist Mode

2. On External Form: Extra button

If you select Yes in the On External Form column of the Customization Fields screen, the Extra button is displayed on the given screen and if you click the button, it opens the external screen with the fields and buttons positioned to the external screen:

External form

3. Data Positioning

In addition to the x, w and lines values, the possible values for data positioning include row and fullrow while the vertical position (y), the screen height (h) and the font size (f) are not applicable.

xhorizontal position (% of screen width from left)
wwidth (% of screen width)
rowthe row where the field is positioned to (see example below) as compared to its original position
The sequence for the value starts with 1.
If a field is customized, but no row value is defined, the field is automatically displayed as the last field on the screen.
fullrowIts value is 1 (fullrow:1).
By default, if no x or w value is defined, the given field is displayed in its full width. If you define the x or w value for a field and no other field should be positioned next to it, the fullrow value can be used (see example below).
linesthe number of extra lines to be added to the screen, only for DataRepeater
In this case the row value is not applicable.
y, h, fnot applicable

Data position values

No row value defined

If a field has buttons (for example the Quantity field has the Add and the Update buttons), there is no need to customize the buttons with the field. Once a field is customized, its buttons are automatically positioned accordingly.

Example 1: customizing the Goods Receipt PO screen

The screen without customization and its fields in their default rows:

Goods Receipt PO screen

Position data values for customization:

Position data values

Document Number field: row:6

  • The Document Number field is positioned to row 6.

Supplier field: row:2;fullrow:1

  • The Supplier field is positioned to row 2 and it has the fullrow value, that is, no other field can be position next to it in row 2.

Due Date field: row:2

  • The Due Date field is also positioned to row 2, but as no other field can be positioned next to the Supplier field, it is displayed in another row 2 field. In this case the order of the fields is defined by the field codes: as the Supplier field has code 12 and the Due Date field has code 13, the Due Date field is positioned under the Supplier field.


Empty rows are not displayed on the screen. In this example the empty rows are 1, 3, 5.


The Logs tab is divided into two parts:

  • On the top of the screen the system displays general errors, for example unsuccessful login. When you log out in the main menu, this log is sent to the Service Broker and cleared.
  • On the second part of the screen unexpected events and their causes are displayed. With the Send logs button the logs can be sent to the Produmex Service Broker, which saves them among its own log files. The files can be sent to the Produmex Support Team.

With the Clear logs button you can clear logs on both parts of the screen.

Logs tab

Scanning Barcodes with Camera

With Produmex Scan on Android it is possible to use the camera of your device for scanning GS1-128 barcodes if the barcode does not have any group separators.


  • Enable the Use camera for barcode setting on the Advanced tab.
  • Delete the default values in the fields of the Barcode scanner prefix and Barcode scanner suffix settings on the Produmex Scan Scanning tab of the Produmex Scan Settings screen in SAP Business One.


To use the function tap the icon icon:

Scanning barcodes with camera


On the Recommendations screens, you can see all the Stock Transfer Draft documents where the Transaction Type user-defined field is Incoming.

After selecting the appropriate document, on the next screen the < > signs indicate that the locations are the recommended ones configured in the draft document and the locations must be re-scanned during the process.

You can use the TAB or the arrow down key to navigate to the bin location fields.

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