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Version 19.3.

Produmex Download Page
Download Version 19.3.

Tested SAP B1 versions

  • SAP B1 9.2 PL11 (MSSQL 2012, 2016, HANA 122.05)
  • SAP B1 9.3 PL12 (MSSQL 2017, HANA 122.22)

Note: Older and newer SAP B1 versions will usually also work, but have not been specifically tested in this version.

Before the upgrade, please check the release notes of the intermediate versions between the current version and the version you would like to upgrade to.

If the previous beta version of Android Client has been installed, make sure that you uninstall it before starting the installation of the new version.

New Functions

  • Android apk
    • Android apk can be installed directly on an Android scanner. All features of previous WindowsCE and RDP versions are available.
    • Customizations on the Android platform are not supported yet.
    • Android apk can also be installed on a normal Android phone device (for demonstration purposes and not for real-world operations).
    • Limited ability to scan a barcode on any input field:
      • Allows for scanning names and common data, and accelerates the normal day-to-day operation.
      • The feature is available only when using a phone and selecting Use Camera for Barcode.
      • An eye icon appears next to any input field. When clicking it, it opens the phone camera to scan (test feature to help the demonstrations of the product).
  • With Produmex Scan it is possible to scan a barcode which is used for multiple items on the screens listed below. When a barcode used for multiple items is scanned, Produmex Scan lists all the items that have the scanned barcode on the Item Selection screen. Documentation is available here.
    • Create Delivery Lines screen
    • Create Goods Receipt PO Lines screen
    • Goods Issue Lines screen
    • Goods Receipt Lines screen
    • Goods Receipt PO Lines screen
    • Inventory Counting Quantities screen
    • Issue for Production Lines screen
    • Quick Inventory Counting Quantities screen
    • Return Components Lines screen
    • Sales Issue Lines screen
    • Sales Return Lines screen
    • Transfer Stock Request Line screen
    • Transfer Stocks screen


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