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Produmex WMS 2021.07

Produmex download page
Download version 2021.07

Tested SAP B1 versions

  • SAP B1 9.3 PL14 32-bit MSSQL 2017
  • SAP B1 9.3 PL13 64-bit HANA
  • SAP B1 10.0 FP2105 64-bit MSSQL 2017
  • SAP B1 10.0 FP2105 64-bit HANA

Note: Older and newer SAP Business One versions usually also work, but have not been specifically tested in this version.

Make sure that you do not use SBO10 PL3 (FP2008) or PL4 (FP2011) including any of their hotfixes with Produmex WMS.

If you are about to upgrade SAP Business One to a higher PL than we have tested Produmex WMS on, make sure that you always test your Produmex WMS processes in a test SAP environment before you perform the SAP PL upgrade on the live environment. For more information click here.

DB version: 734

DB Branch version: 0

Required Add-On Loader version: 21

Add-on Loader version 21

  • Add-on loader version 21 is released. It is recommended to use the new version if you experience that SAP Business One closes slowly because of the add-on.
  • The Administration > Add-Ons > Produmex Add-On Menu is no longer used.
  • When starting the add-on for the first time after a fresh installation, it is no longer needed to set the database credentials and the Add-On Manager - Set DB credentials form is no longer displayed. After a successful installation, the add-on is started with the Start button of the Add-On Manager window and the installation is finished.

Additional changes

  • SSCC tab of Organizational Structure: The Start Range field and End Range field prevent the user from entering more than 17 or non-numeric characters. The 18th character is automatically calculated as the check digit.
  • Filtering bars: A filter bar is added to the Select Alternate Stock screen in Picking Flow and Box Pick and Pack Flow on the Mobile Client. The user can filter on item code, item description, batch number, storage location and item barcode. See documentation here.
  • Picklist Proposal Manager: On the Form Settings - Picklist Proposal Manager form it is possible to add the Item Groups Code (ItmsGrpCod) and Line Number (LineNum) columns to the Picklist Proposal Manager window (Produmex > Inventory).
  • Inventory Report: When changing the best before date of an item, the system also updates the expiration date of the batch number. If there is more than one best before date for a batch number, the system asks if you want to update the expiration date of the batch number to this new value. If you click Yes, the system updates the best before dates and the expiration date as well. See documentation here.
  • Container Management Controller: The Auto close container when delivered setting has been removed from the Container Management Controller, it is not used by any Produmex WMS process.
  • Address Component Form: When a delivery note is created, it can happen that the Address Component Form is not filled in even though the related data is stored in the DLN12 tables of SAP Business One. From product version 2021.07, Produmex WMS provides the address data in the form based on the base document. See article here.

Bug fixes

N/AASN import does not work for items with SAP serial number and BBD
N/ABeas-WMS integration: json response message when moving - the decimal separator should always be a period
N/ABeas-WMS integration: Picking for Production - json message - provide an empty RFID if no LUID
N/ABeas-WMS integration: using the wrong Beas-view for proposal creation
N/AClean up the B1 menu after stopping the WMS Add-On
N/AInvestigation: PmxWhsCode field in PMX_SENU
N/APacking: Not user friendly error when trying to skip a Sales BOM component
N/APicklist robot always groups PL into waves
N/APurchase Reception - PmxWhsCode is empty in PMX_SENU
N/AReplenishment - Missing warehouse filtering
N/ASales Return: Error when batch managed item is processed
N/ASales return - Select batch screen is displayed when going back from the Enter qty screen
N/AThe PMX WMS add-on loader should display a meaningful error if it is started against a non-WMS database
N/AUI Framework - Default Button with 0 Timeout causes error when the next screen starts with a message
93328PMX Open sales orders
94958Batches: SAP OBTN.ExpDate not update with PMX_ITRI.BestBeforeDate is updated
95887WMS packing back arrow skips weight and dimensions entry
97627Error when trying to undo over picking for Sales Order from Scan Gun and Packing table
104477Move Orders - User does not have permission when assigned Authorization Group
105470Problem when issuing a complete SSCC as waste
106720Container Management: Volume, Weight, and Price columns are not updated when the Open Quantity column is changed.
109623Bugs report (receive from WHS) - Receive from WHS (bug 1)
111643Table PMX_UIPT cannot store user longer than 8 characters
113165Free stock calculation in PMX_PICKLIST_PROPOSAL_MANAGER_SALES
113266VerificationCode cannot be used in AD HOC Move to select the source location
113746Produmex Best Before Date on Inventory Transfer error
114011WMS - error button “received items” during receiving process
114156GRPO cancellation not prevented when locking exist
114415Picking - Express ad-hoc picking does not process GS1 barcode
119099Reserved Qty on Pick List Proposal does not agree to the Ordered Qty
119685Produmex Open Document Report (Picklist Type Report Issue)
120589Production - Continuous picking does not list fully picked picklists
122293Bug: Inventory viewing from the right click menu works without a Produmex license
124738WMS Produmex - error when scanning barcode on create PO flow
126019Problem to resize the Open Sales Order window
126189New Inventory Item cannot be added
126905Container closure
129999Receipt from production flow looks at stock on production line instead of on input
130007Non serial items with serial number after internal move
130069When creating Delivery Notes PDMX does not complete DLN12 address fields (randomly)
131607Produmex WMS - Auto Invoice on Shipping - Returns Error “Nullable object must have a value”
131727Mobile client - Login screen is case sensitive with assigned users
132028Performance problem with 3PL invoicing
132103Line Num and item category do not show on picklist proposal manager
133444B1 client takes a very long time to close and often crashes when the WMS addon is connected
134221Picklist and a sales order can be closed with an unprocessed PMX shipping record
135175Picklist and a sales order can be closed with an unprocessed PMX shipping record
136197Locked quantity remains after sales order line is removed
136487Serial number - Stock inconsistency (Receipt from warehouse)
136652Several picklists for a single order
137109Produmex User Warehouse (PMX_UWHS) setup - T20210311.0015
137306Error when receiving from non managed warehouse without txf request
137491Bin verification code not working when moving multiple SSCCs
137587Combine packed SSCC flow
137801The system does not keep the same SSCC for picking
138244Error New serial numbers are not allowed
138330WMS Inventory Report - Width of rightmost column is very large each time grid displays
138590Item Description Does not copy correctly
139143When using Box Pick and Pack workflow picking for Pick Lists created from Inventory Transfer Requests is wrong (PLs from SOs work)
139678Import Initial SAP Stock Tool: Cannot import batch items from multiple Warehouses in HANA version
139995Produmex WMS - Item Packing does not allow decimals in “quantity to pack”
140039Test in HANA - Combine 2 SSCCs
140111Packing fails if item has UoM group
140388Error message on ASN screen with PDMX 2020
140550Not possible to split quantity in different locations during reception
140592Put Away: empty bin location (Max Logistic Units= 1) cannot be selected as destination
140786Produmex WMS Robot not creating lockings for customer minimum stock
140820Picklists can be generated even if there is no free stock
140904Receive from WHS Flow - invalid quantity error in “No Order” case
141067Picking - Non real time picking duplicates rows
141258Produmex add-on cannot be started
141564NotificationListener stored procedure
142688Incorrect conversion of quantities on PMX client (decimal place issue)
142877Invalid Item to pack in “Item Packing”
143191Cannot create a picklist proposal
143238Scan gun displaying all Reserve Invoices for Purchases regardless of warehouse
143893Exporting Company Structure ends in an error
143947Print filter Matrix not working for Receive from warehouse
144105Cycle Count of Serial Numbers sets some to InStock = No in PMX_SENU table
144207Remove SSCC when we perform a replenish order
145410Production line for lined up locations without Allow To Pick For Line Up setting - allow the linked production
145718Receipt from production not possible after planned quantity has been reached 2021.07.05
145848Reception No PO flow: inactive Items appear in the list on Mobile Client
146387Picking - Maximum quantity rounding issue
146502Freight costs not copied from Sales Return Request to Sales Return 2021.07.01
146600Error when trying to do a Reception 2021.07.01
146686Picklist proposal info referencing wrong document type 2021.07.01
146756Cycle Count - Date Time conversion error on Spanish SQL server 2021.07.05
146876Fat client login error: Produmex variable GTIN configuration record and prefix not populated 2021.07.01
146935Replenishment Generator removing existing move orders and first move order closing all others 2021.07.01
147257Ad-hoc picking - performance issue 2021.07.01
147646Sales delivery note creation performance issue related to sales BOM items 2021.07.04
147711Ad-hoc movement error for consolidated SSCCs 2021.07.04
148150Getting error when creating production order using step list 2021.07.05
148661Sales BoM lines not being kept together based on stock levels in Pick List Proposal Manager 2021.07.06
148851Open Document Report - PMX Sales Shipping - Same row multiple times 2021.07.05
148967X closing button disappears after maximizing the Open Sales Orders window 2021.07.05
149000RDR12 Info not carrying over at DN creation 2021.07.04
149066PDMX Goods Issue Qty issue 2021.07.06
149140Goods Receipt Label stored procedure runs onto error 2021.07.06
149472Sales-BoM Backorder error 2021.07.06
149749Correct Pick List Type settings not used when setting Pick List Type on Business Partner level 2021.07.06
149943Booking GRPO with scanner: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object 2021.07.06
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