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Filter Bars on Mobile Client

With product version 2020.12, filter bars are added to additional screens of the Mobile Client. This documentation lists the screens and next to each screen name you can find the flows where the screen is available. The third column shows the data on which filtering is possible. It is enough to start typing the given code or text in the filter bar and the system immediately updates the list on the screen.

For the batch selection screen, the filter bar contains the ability to parse GS1 codes and recognize the AI for Lot Number.

Scanner mode

ScreenFlowFiltering on
Select a Logistic Unit to Pack onMobile PackingSSCC
Select Zone TypeBulk Reception, Receptionzone type code and name, reason code and name
Select Sales Order LineBulk Shippingcustomer code, name, document
Select Batch NumberAd Hoc Picking, Combine Packed LUID, Consolidated Ad Hoc Move, Move Order, Move to Production Line, Picking for Production, Picking, Purchase Return, Put Away, Receive from Whs, Sales Return, Select Product from Stock, Undo Picking, WA Move ProcessingBatch number, batch number2, quality status code and GS1 barcodes with lot number (10), lot number 0 (230) and lot number 1 (231) identifiers can be used for filtering. Filtering on best before date is not supported.
Select Customer AddressCombine Packed LUID, Mobile Packing, Shippingcustomer code, name, address
Select ReasonAd Hoc Move, Ad Hoc Picking, Adjust SSCC, Cycle Count, Bulk Reception, Consolidated Ad Hoc Move, Move Multiple SSCCs, Move Order, Move Partial SSCC, Picking for Production, Purchase Return, Put Away, Quality Status, Reception, Sales Return, Shipping, Undo Pickingreason text
Select SSCCAd Hoc Picking, Consolidated Ad Hoc Move, Move Order, Move Partial SSCC, Move to Production Line, Picking for Production, Purchase ReturnSSCC
Select Stock ItemChecks, Quality Statusbatch number, batch number2, item code, item name, item barcode, storage location, quantity, SSCC, Master SSCC, UoM, UoM2 code and name, quality status
Select Alternate StockPicking Flow, Box Pick and Pack Flowitem code, item description, batch number, storage location and item barcode

Touchscreen mode

ScreenFlowFiltering on
Select a Logistic Unit to Pack onPackingSSCC and parts of the code
Select Customer AddressPackingcustomer code, name, address
Select ReasonPackingreason text
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