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Produmex Manufacturing: Troubleshooting

Produmex Manufacturing is a legacy product and Boyum IT Solutions no longer sells new installations for it.

1. Failed installation

If installation fails for some reason, you usually find the add-on at the Pending add-ons tab, from where you can try the installation again. Select the line of the Produmex add-on, then click on the 'Install' button.

Pending add-ons

2. Getting a license

An active license is needed for running correctly this add-on. For more information about licensing please see: Licensing System


3. No backup detected

If the system detect that there is no backup, it will show this window:

Db backup
Press OK. As the add-on stopped, the system will ask you how you want to continue:

Choose the last option: Continue working without this Add-on, and then press OK. It will stop the add-on. To continue, back up the current customer database.

4. Wrong digital signature for Add-on installer

When starting the Produmex Manufacturing add-on after the installation, the following error message appears: 'Wrong digital signature for Add-on installer'

The most likely cause for this issue is that the installation .exe file was corrupted during the extraction process. Extract the installation .zip folder again and start the installation afresh.

5. Connection to the company failed on HANA

During the installation of the Service Broker on HANA environment, the following error message appears after the default SAP company was specified:

It means that the connection cannot be established to the database server. Go back to the Database connection screen of the Service Broker installer and enter the name of the database server with the exact same format as it was defined during the installation of the SAP Business One client.

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