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Licensing System

Produmex Manufacturing is a legacy product and Boyum IT Solutions no longer sells new installations for it.

With version 19.1 the license module uses the Boyum IT portal for the licenses, therefore, when upgrading from a version older than 19.1 to version 19.1, make sure that you have a license on the Boyum IT Portal. Consequently, the old Produmex license files should not be used any more.

Before installing Produmex Manufacturing 19.1 make sure that the maintenance fee payment has been made, otherwise the add-on will stop after installation.

In order to work with the Produmex Manufacturing add-on properly, an SBO Limited Logistic license is also needed for the user as of SAP Business One 9.3 PL02. To use the MRP function, an SBO Professional license is required.

1. Boyum IT Portal - online and offline licensing solutions

1.1. Online solution

When you purchase the Produmex Manufacturing add-on on the Boyum Portal, your license is generated automatically. It means that if you have active Internet connection, your license is automatically downloaded, no action is needed from your side.

Make sure that you allow outbound access to our license servers (* (port 80)) in your firewall configuration.

Please continue with section 2. Allocating Licenses.

1.2. Offline solution

In case you are not connected automatically to the license system or you have no active internet connection, visit the offline license generator of Boyum IT Portal and get your license key by proceeding as follows.

On the appearing Get Manual License screen

1. fill in the Installation Number field,
2. select Produmex Manufacturing Professional – User license in the Product drop-down menu,
3. click Submit.

Get Manual License

The portal displays your license data and the products/modules your license data is valid for:

License data

4. Copy all the license data.

Copy your license data

5. Open the Produmex License Administration window in SAP BO via path: Administration > Add-ons > Produmex Manufacturing > Produmex License Administration.

6. Click Manage Boyum License.

Manage your Boyum license

7. Paste your license data into the License key field and click OK. At this point your license data is imported.

Paste your license data

Once you buy additional users or upgrade to a newer version, you will need to re-import your offline license to reflect upon the changes, therefore it is recommended to use automatic licensing.

In case you have no active internet connection and you are not able to import your license key manually to the add-on, you can use the Produmex Control Panel add-on as an offline licensing solution. The Produmex Support Team can be contacted for more information.

Note: It is enough to use the Produmex Control Panel add-on as a licensing solution. Later on you do not need to start the add-on to be able to work with Produmex Manufacturing.

2. Allocating Licenses

2.1. Produmex Add-On

To allocate the license for a user, select the user on the left grid on the Allocations tab and assign the license to them by ticking the Allocated checkbox on the right grid.

  • Produmex Manufacturing Professional: Users with the Produmex Manufacturing Professional license have access to every Produmex Manufacturing function.
  • Produmex Manufacturing Limited: Users with the Produmex Manufacturing Limited license have access to limited functionality. For more information about the available functionalities please see the License Comparison Chart.

License Administration

Click on the Update button and restart the add-on.

2.2. Terminal

Produmex offers the following terminal licenses to extend the Produmex Manufacturing add-on function:

Terminals have concurrent licensing meaning that licenses do not have to be assigned to a certain terminal, but instead the system will allow as many concurrent connections as the total number of terminals in the license.

Each time logging in on the terminal, the system will check whether there is a free license slot that can be allocated for the terminal.

  • If there is a free license, the system will allocate it to the terminal.
  • If there is no free license, an error message will be displayed.

After the logout, the system will deallocate the license from the terminal.

The current status of the license usage can be seen on a webpage of the Service Broker:


where the IP is the IP address and the PORT is the port number.

When Produmex Service Broker has multiple assigned databases, each database can have as many connections as in the license. For example, if you have a license for 3 terminals, and the Service Broker has 4 assigned databases, each database can have 3 connections and the total number of the potential concurrent connections is 12.

3. Produmex Service Broker

Only one SAP Indirect Access User license is required per installation. Produmex Service Broker will use this user to create documents in SAP Business One.
Since the Produmex Service Broker is assigned to one SBO user, all SBO documents created with Produmex PDC devices are created by the same user.

It is possible to check the employee who has created the document with Produmex PDC.
Check the production order number in the remarks field. Open the PDC Bookings Administration form and filter the list based on the production order. The Code of the PDC booking is the Ref 2. number on the document without the BXP prefix.

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