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19.6. Undo Picking

With the ’Unpick products’ flow it is possible to correct the picking by unpicking picked/packed goods that are not yet loaded.

Select pick listScan SSCCIdentify product(s)Scan destination location or SSCCSelect reasonProcess unpicking

19.6.1. Initiate the flow

To initiate the flow, press the ’Undo picking’ button in the Sales menu.

Undo picking

19.6.2. Select pick list

Select the pick list from the list. A pick list is listed if its status is ’Partially Packed’ or ’Packed’. Displayed information on the screen:

  1. Pick list proposal number
  2. Pick list number
  3. Customer – Ship to Address

Select a pick list

19.6.3. Scan SSCC

Scan the SSCC. Only SSCC’s verifying the following criteria can be scanned:

  • The logistic unit is picked/packed for the selected pick list
  • The logistic unit is not yet loaded

SSCC’s that verify this criteria are listed on the screen. The logistic units are sorted based on the SSCC number.

Scan an SSCC

19.6.4. Identify product(s)

Press the ‘Undo picking for all items’ button to unpick every product from the selected SSCC. The system proceeds to the 5. Scan destination location screen.

Scan the barcode of the product or select it from a list after pressing the ‘Select a product’ button. Only products that are on the logistic unit can be scanned or selected.

When unpicking a mono pallet, the system skips this screen and automatically proceeds to the next screen.

Scan a product

If the selected item/item on the mono pallet is managed by batches and there is more than one batch on the logistic unit, select the batch as well. Every batch of the selected item that is on the logistic unit is listed on the screen.

On the next screen enter the quantity. For more information about entering the quantity please see: 4.3.4. Screens for entering additional information. The quantity to unpick cannot exceed the open quantity on the logistic unit.

19.6.5. Scan destination location or SSCC

To move the unpicked products to an existing logistic unit, scan the logistic unit. If the scanned SSCC is not in stock, identify the destination location on the next screen.
To create a new logistic unit, press the ‘New SSCC’ button then identify the destination location as described below.
To move the selected products without changing the logistic unit, scan or select a location from a list.

Please note: When moving a partial pallet without creating a new SSCC, products will be moved without a linked SSCC. With location suggestions

When location suggestions are enabled on the Location controller and for the warehouse, the default location is displayed on the screen, but the stock can be moved to any other active location in the warehouse. The default location will be the first suggested location and the list of the locations will be sorted according the logic described in 8. Location suggestions.

 Destination location - with location suggestions Without location suggestions

When location suggestions are not enabled on the Location controller, an additional ‘Select empty location button’ is displayed on the screen.

  • Press the ‘Select location’ button the see the list of the active locations from the warehouse of the pick list.
  • Press the ‘Select empty location’ button to see the list of the empty active locations from the warehouse of the pick list.

Destination location - without location suggestions

19.6.6. Select reason

Select a reason from the list. Every reason that can be used for picking is listed.

Select a reason

When creating a new SSCC the ’Warehouse: a new LU has been created (700)’ print event is triggered and the logistic label is printed after the reason is selected.

19.6.7. Process unpicking

After the unpicking is processed, the pick list lines in question are updated and the inventory lockings are removed.

If the total quantity on the pick list line is unpicked, the system adds the reason to the pick list line then closes it.
If the pick list line is partially unpicked, the ‘Open’ and ‘Picked’ quantity is decreased by the unpicked quantity. The unpicked quantity is added on a closed line that contains the selected reason.

After the pick list is updated, the unpicked products are moved to the selected location.

Items are unpicked

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