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Setup Motorola MC device for Produmex WMS

1. Setup the Wi-Fi connection

Press the ‘Connections’ button → Select the ‘Find WLANs’ option → Select a network and press it → Press ‘Connect’.

Adjust the profile settings in the ‘Profile Entry’ window. After pressing on the ‘Finish’ button, the profile will be active.

It is recommended to set the IP address to Manual Fixed IP instead of DHCP. Make sure that the suggested IP address is not in use. Another solution would be to leave the PDA in DHCP, and set the Fixed IP as a setting in the router’s DHCP lease table.

To set the correct country open the ‘Options’ window. Select the ‘Regulatory’ option then select the country. Make sure that the ‘Enable 802.11d’ option is not checked.

Save the ‘Profiles and Options’ to the fixed memory of the scanner. In the ‘Options’ window select ‘Export’ from the dropdown menu. Press the ‘Export All Profiles’ button then press ‘Save’.

2. Setup Remote Desktop Connection

Open the ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ window. In the ‘General’ tab, fill in the ‘User name’ and ‘Password’ fields.
In the ‘Loc Res.’ tab, select the keyboard setting ‘On the local computer’ from the dropdown menu.
In the ‘Exp.’ tab, disable ‘Themes’.
Then go back to the ‘General’ tab and save the settings to the fixed memory.

How to set up auto start
We recommend to set up the automatic start of Produmex WMS for the Windows RDP user.
Open Computer Management and navigate to the Users folder via: System Tools > Local Users and Groups. Select the device form the list and choose the Properties option from the right-click menu.
On the opening Properties screen go to the Environment tab. On the Starting program section enable the ‘Start the following program at logon’ checkbox and add the file with its path to the ‘Program file name’ field.
When configuring auto start this way, the RDP session is automatically logged of after the Produmex WMS application is closed.

Please note: The exact steps might differ from the steps described, depending on operation system used.

3. Setup config for standard DataWedge to send AIM ID’s

1. Press the DataWedge icon
2. Select 'Advanced Configuration'
3. Select 'Profiles'
4. Select 'Profile0'
5. Select 'Input'

6. Select 'Scanner'
7. Select the scanner type
8. Select 'Scan params'
9. Select 'CodeID'

10. Set to 'Aim'. Press '0.Back' to go out of this screen.
11. Come back to this screen and check whether the CodeID is set to Aim. If yes, select 'Home'.
12. Select 'Exit'.
13. Click 'OK' to confirm exit.

4.1. Automatic sleep mode

Go to control panel → Power → Advanced tab → 'On Battery power' setting

To set an interval, choose an interval (mx 5 min) from the dropdown list.

To turn off the automatic sleep mode, uncheck the box. The device will never go into sleep mode.

4.2. Backlight

It is possible to set up so that the back light is cut after a certain amount of time or not at all. You can choose this yourself, depending on the intensity of your battery usage. We recommend to set the backlight with a timeout, because this is the main battery consumer.

5.Change Intercharacter delay setting

When the gun is sending chars too quickly through the RDP, it might cause incorrect character display on the scanner.

To avoid this issue, setup interchar delay on DataWedge. Go to the ‘Advanced Configuration’ menu.

Follow these steps: Profiles > Profile0 > Output > KeyStroke > InterCharacter Delay

Specify “10” into the text box, and press Save. Go back until you come back to the main screen and then 0.Exit.

6. How to access the memory slider bar

  1. Select Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  2. On the Control Panel scroll down until you see the 'System' icon. Double click on the icon. The System Properties screen will open.
  3. Go to the 'Memory' tab. A slider bar will show on the screen with the following verbiage: Move the slider to the left for more memory to run programs. Move it to the right for more storage space. Only unused RAM (dark portion of the slider bar) can be adjusted.

Screenshot tool for Windows CE mobile device

Before connecting the device, make sure you have an USB dongle for the connection. Also make sure that the Windows Mobile Device Center is installed on your PC. If not, download it from the following link:

After connecting the device to the PC, the Windows Mobile Device Center will start automatically.
Select the ‘Connect without setting up your device’. On the next screen, select ‘Browse the contents of your device’ from ‘File Management’. The menu of the device will open in a new window.

Download the screenshot tool from the Produmex FTP:
Extract the .zip file. Copy the terminal.exe and paste it onto the device through the Windows Mobile Device Center. It is recommended to paste it into the ‘My Documents’ folder.

On your PC, execute the PC.exe file from the Screenshot Tool folder. This will open a window where the scanner screen will be displayed after the connection setup.

On the device, execute the terminal.exe. Press ‘Ok’ on the ‘About CERDisp’ window. On the ‘Remote Display Control’ window, press ‘Connect’. ON the next window add the hostname to the ‘Hostname’ field then press ‘Ok’.

Now the screenshot tool is running on your PC and the device can be accessed through the previously opened window.

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