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Sales delivery tool

The Sales Delivery Tool creates SBO Sales Deliveries from PMX Sales Shipping documents. When the tool is started, it processes all deliveries that needs to be processed when it was started, then exists. The Sales delivery tool only runs once.
Please note: The SBO Sales Delivery is only created if the items on the PMX Sales Shipping document can be shipped.

It is recommended to run the tool as a scheduled task.

The tool is located in the Produmex Tools folder. Before running the tool, make sure that an extension is set for Create SAP delivery from PMX delivery controller.

With default settings, the tool only processes PMX Sales Shipping documents that were created within 7 days from the company that has the „SboConnectionString” connection string in the app config file of the sales delivery tool.

The name of the config file is Produmex.Sbo.Logex.Tools.SalesDeliveryTool.exe.config.

In order to run the sales delivery tool with different conditions, run it from a batch file. The following parameters are supported:

  • /NumberOfDays: or /d: A number of days to go back in time to get possible items to deliver.
  • /ConnectionStringName: or /cs: A string that identifies the name of the connecting string in app.config file to use.

Example batch file
In order to process the PMX Sales Shipping documents from the last two weeks, run the Sales delivery tool with the following parameters:

Produmex.Sbo.Logex.Tools.SalesDeliveryTool.exe /d:14 /cs:SboConnectionString
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