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29. Reprint logistic labels

With the reprint logistic label function, the logistic label can be reprinted after the SSCC is delivered.

29.1. Define the print event

Define the ‘Sales: Reprint logistic label (2000)’ print event on the Print events tab of the Organizational Structure. The print event has no default report. The input parameter of the report should be @luid on MSSQL and P_LUID on HANA.

29.2. Reprint label

To initiate the reprint, press the ’Reprint logistic label’ button from the Sales menu. On the next screen scan the SSCC to reprint the label. It is possible to scan an SSCC that is already delivered.

After the label is printed, the system returns to the ‘Scan SSCC’ screen. Scan the next SSCC or press the left arrow button to exit.

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