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6.3.1. Purchase Order Pre-Print Purchase Order SSCCs

This feature will allow you to:

  • Pre-print the GS1 (SSCC) labels for goods to be received (= goods on a purchase order)
  • Use these printed labels to scan & capture the item GTIN, BBD, Quantity, BatchNumber

Setup of item master data : Items need to be batch / BBD activated, and have a valid GTIN-14 barcode. (if you are using EAN-13 codes, just add a 0 at the beginning)

See button on purchase order → Asks for ‘to be received quantity’ and number of LUID’s (= SSCC’s = # of labels) :

  1. Print SSCC’s button
  2. Fill required data : delivered qty, number of LUID’s, copies of label, batchnumber & BBD
  3. Select layout & printer
  4. Hit print button

In this example, we have printed to a PDF printer, it has printed 6 labels (2 for line 1, 4 for line 2):

This is what the result looks like (1 example for each line):

These labels can now be used and scanned in the following screen during the reception flow :

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