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6. Component weighing production

When the ‘Prod. Order start condition’ is set to ‘Component weighed’ for a component in the Bill of Materials , weigh the component before moving it to the production line.
Please note: This step is only for items where the weight is the primary uom.

Products picked to the Pick to location of the production line can be weighed. When the production line has no pick to location set, the components picked to the input location can be weighted.

Component weighing production flow

6.1. Initiate the flow

Press the ’Component weighing production’ button on the touchscreen.

Initiate the flow

6.2. Select a production line

Select a production line from the list. Only active production lines will be listed.

Select a production line

6.3. Select a production order

Select a production order from the list. Only released production orders that are not assigned to another production line will be displayed on the list. When there is a started production order on the production line, the system will proceed with that order automatically.
The following information is displayed on the list:

  1. Type of the production order indicated with an icon. Please note that Disassembly type production orders are not supported in this flow.
  2. Code, description and barcode of the item to produce.
  3. Number and due date of the production order.

Select a production order

6.4. Select item to weigh

On the next screen every not lined up material from the production order will be listed.
Different batches will be displayed in separate lines.
The available quantity is the quantity of the batch on the location. The completed quantity is the weighted quantity. The planned quantity is the quantity in the production order line.
The quantity will be displayed in black when the components are not yet weighted but there are enough available stock for the weighing. The quantity will be displayed in red when there are no available stock to weigh. The quantity will be displayed in green when the weighing is completed.
Select a batch and press the right arrow button to weigh the products from that batch.

Select item to weigh

6.5. Weigh product

Weigh the products. It is also possible to enter the weight manually.
The To-do quantity is the quantity that still needs to be weighed. It is calculated by {Planned quantity-Completed quantity}.
There are two indicator bars displayed on the screen. The to-do quantity is marked on both bars. When the quantity tolerance is greater than zero, the quantity tolerance range is also displayed on the indicator bars.
The weighed quantity is displayed in green on the indicator bars when the quantity is in range. The weighed quantity is displayed in yellow on the indicator bars when the quantity does not reach the minimum range of the to-do quantity. The weighed quantity is displayed in red on the indicator bars when the weighed quantity exceeds the maximum range of the to-do quantity.
Press the ‘<Tare>’ button to tare the scale.
Press the ‘<Zero>’ button to zero the scale.

In range

Less than


6.6. Select SSCC

Select the target SSCC for the weighed products. Press the ‘<new>’ button to move the weighed components to a new logistic unit or select an SSCC from the list and press it.

6.7. Finish weighing

Press the ‘Complete weighing’ button to register the weighing of quantities within the quantity range. When the Warehouse: new LU has been created (700) print event is set in the Organizational Structure, the system triggers prints the label. The default report for this print event is the ’DefaultLogisticsLabel.rpt’.
Press the ‘Partial (ask label)’ button to register the weighing of quantities less than the minimum quantity range. Based on the settings in the Production controller, the system might ask whether to print the label when the print event is set in the Organizational Structure.

Finish weighing

The weighed products will be moved to the input location automatically.
Press the ‘Return unweighed items’ button to move the unweighed items to the rest location. The system will ask for confirmation. Press the ‘Move’ button to move the unweighted items. Press the ‘Cancel’ button to cancel the movement.


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