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6.3.2. Open ASN lines

On the Open ASN lines screen, it is possible to view, adjust and process the open ASN lines and to print logistic labels for incoming shipments in the office environment.

Open the screen via the following path: Produmex > Purchasing > ASN.

Filter the list
The ASN screen displays data from the PMX_ASND table, but only open lines from purchase orders and purchase invoices are listed. It is possible to filter the list based on the Group ID. Add a group ID to the respective field and press the ‘Filter’ button.

Adjust quantity
To modify the received quantity, enter the new quantity to the Quantity field on the line then press the ‘Update’ button.

Print label
To print the logistic label, press the ‘Print’ button. On the opening screen select the report type and the printer. Only ‘Goods receipt’ type reports set for the company can be selected.

Receive Goods
To receive the goods press the ‘Receive Goods’ button. The system creates the ‘Goods Receipt PO’ document with the adjusted quantities and registers the stock.
Please note: ASN lines registered through the fat client cannot be received on this form.

Delete rows
To delete ASN line(s), select the line(s) then press the ‘Delete Rows’ button. Confirm that you would like to delete the selected rows on the system message.

Press the ‘Cancel’ button to close the screen.

Click on the icon on the Menu Bar to refresh the screen.

The following information is displayed on the screen:

  • Internal Key: The key of line.
  • Base Type: The type of the base document. Only entries from Purchase Orders (18), Purchase Invoices (22) and Containers (PMX_COHE) are listed.
  • Base Entry: The internal identifier number of the base document.
  • Base Line: The number of the document line.
  • Group By: The group ID. It is possible to filter the list of the open ASN lines based on this value.
  • Item Code: The item code from the document line.
  • Quantity: The ordered or invoiced quantity from the document. The value can be modified.
  • Uom: The unit of measurement for the item.
  • Quantity Uom 2: The quantity in Uom 2.
  • Uom2: The second unit of measurement for the item.
  • Serial Number: The serial numbers linked to the products.
  • ITRI: Item Transactional Information Key. This is a key used to identify a batch.
  • SSCC: The SSCC of the logistic unit where the item is stored.
  • LUID: ID number of the logistic unit where the item is stored.
  • Log. Carrier Code: The code of the logistic carrier where the item is stored.
  • Stor.Loc.Code: The code of the location where the item will be stored after the receipt.
  • Card Code: The Card code of the vendor.
  • Card Name: The name of the vendor.
  • UF1: Customizable fields.
  • UF2: Customizable fields.
  • UF3: Customizable fields.
  • Master LUID: The ID number of the master logistic unit.
  • Master SSCC: The SSCC number of the master logistic unit.
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