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1. Introduction

Produmex WMS for SAP Business One extends the standard functionality of SAP Business One with functions supporting shopfloor operations in the area of production, packaging, inventory management and logistics (inbound, picking, shipping). Produmex WMS consists of three parts:

1. Extensions of existing SAP Business One functions (e.g. articles, users, etc.)

2. An administrative Produmex module offering new office functions for defining the organizational structure of a company and streamlining the operational processes of goods receipt, put away, production, packaging, picking, shipping, etc.

Sales Flow

These functions are grouped under the Produmex tab in the main menu of SAP Business One and they are also available via Module > Produmex.

Office Module

3. Produmex WMS offers functions supporting the shopfloor operations. These functions are made available on the shopfloor with the Produmex Fat Client (scanner and touchscreen). With the help of the application operators can execute the production, packaging and logistics operations and transfer the required information transparently to SAP Business One. Produmex WMS also provides connections to data capture (barcode) and print devices (label and document printers).

Device Chain

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