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Import Initial Stock tool

On a database where Produmex WMS is installed for the first time, use the Import Initial Stock tool to create Produmex stocks for all SAP stocks in selected warehouses.

Make sure that you do not run this tool in a warehouse if there are Produmex stocks already. It can result inconsistencies between stock in SBO and stock in Produmex.

Run the Produmex.Sbo.Logex.Tools.ImportInitialSAPStockTool.exe. The file is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Produmex \Produmex Tools.

When starting the tool, connection string has to be configured as a starting parameter.

Example of starting command:

Produmex.Sbo.Logex.Tools.ImportInitialSAPStockTool.exe /cs:SBOConnectionString

Each SAP warehouse that is marked as “managed by Produmex” must have a corresponding warehouse set up in Produmex or the tool will fail.

On the opening ‘Import initial stock from SAP into PMX’ form every warehouse that is managed by Produmex and has inventory in SAP is listed.

Enter the location code to the PmxLocationCode field on the line of the warehouse. Only active locations that belong to the warehouse can be added. If you leave the location code empty, the import is not performed for the given warehouse.

Before starting the import, check whether there is stock registered in Produmex for the given warehouse. Make sure you do not run this tool if there is stock registered in Produmex for the warehouse.

Press the Import button to start the import.

After the import is finished, the system displays a message containing the number of the updated stock lines. Please note: If a batch managed item is on stock with multiple batches, each batch counts as a stock line.

The initial inventory from SAP Business One is booked for the selected location. The quality status of the stock is ’Released’. The stock has no linked LUID.

The import is not registered in the Traceability report.

Once the stock is booked in Produmex, you can distribute it to their location with the Move function on the scanner. During the move it is possible to create new SSCC’s or to scan existing SSCC’s.

Items managed by serial numbers are not supported.

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