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5.1.12. History configuration

The “History config.” tab offers the possibility to define for which elements or aspects (which are stored in individual database tables) the changes have to be tracked in the context of Audit Trail.

This can be changes to characteristics of specific Organizational Structure Elements (e.g. a bin, a zone, a production line, … ) which need to be tracked, such as their name, zone type code, …

It may also be necessary to track changes to specific characteristics of items, such as e.g. the shelf life of an item for the various business partners of a company. This is shown in the example below, where it has been configured that for the table “Item shelf life for partner” it has to be recorded when the shelf life for a specific item for a specific business partner is added, updated or deleted.

These changes will then be tracked by the Produmex Office function Audit Trail.

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