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2.15. Archiving

Produmex offers the option to manually archive data from closed documents in order to decrease database size and improve system performance.

The archiving process moves the selected data from closed documents into other tables in the same database or into a separate database, based on the configuration Archive databases and tables can be distinguished by the ‘_AR’ suffix in their name.

It is recommended to make a backup of the DB before doing the Archiving. Configurations for archiving

Adjust the settings of the archiving process in the Archive Controller (Please see Extension Parameters / Archiving Controller). Perform archiving

To execute the archiving process, go the ’Archiving’ tab in the Organizational Structure on the company level.

The ‘Archive database’ field is prefilled based on the ‘Use separate database’ setting in the Archive Controller. When there is an _AR suffix in the end of the name of the database, it means that the archiving will be executed to a separate database.

The 'Days to keep live’ field is prefilled based on the ‘Days to keep data in live database before moving to archive ’ field in the Archive Controller. This number can be modified before executing the archiving.
Click on the ‘Execute’ button to initiate the archiving process. Steps before the first archiving

When executing the archiving the first time, the archiving database (if configured) and the archive tables will be created first.
Changing the Use separate database setting after the first archiving is not supported as it can cause issues.

Before creating the database and the tables, the system will ask for confirmation. Click on ‘Yes’ to proceed with the archiving.

After creating the archive tables, the system will ask for confirmation whether to continue with the archiving. Click on ‘Yes’. Archive tables

The system creates the following archive tables:

  • PMX_AR_WDET Archiving process

After pressing the ‘Execute’ button, the system will start the archiving. During the process, the system displays the following information:

  • The time of the archiving
  • The tables where the archiving was conducted
  • The number of the archived documents
  • The number of the live and archived picklists before and after the archiving, and the difference between then (the number of the newly archived picklists) Archiving with a prior changeover date

Since during the archiving process only closed documents will be archived, there are cases when an archiving with a longer history to keep than the previous one is desired. A confirmation window will pop up if the system finds that the new changeover date is prior to the previous one. Click on ‘Ok’ to proceed. Archived documents

Archived PDMX documents (move documents, picklists and picklist proposals) can be distinguished by the added ‘archived’ text in their title.
SAP navigation buttons are disabled in archived document screens.

Move screen

Pick list screen

Pick list proposal screen

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