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9. Other

9.1. Query Stocks

You can get stock information with the function Query Stocks. You can filter according to the following:

  • Warehouse or Bin location
  • Item code Please note: No result will be returned for non-inventory items.
  • Batch/Serial Number

After setting the filters tap ‘Reload’ and the grid will be populated with the stock data found based on the criteria. The Tot. field shows the total quantity of the queried stock data. With ‘Print’ you can print the stock labels for the selected items.

If the item on the selected line is managed by serials or batches, an additional ‘Ser./Bat.’ button is displayed. Tap this button to see the list of the serial/batch numbers belonging to the selected line. To print the label for a serial/batch, select its line and press the ‘Print’ button.

Tap ‘Reload’ to refresh the data.

Press ‘Back’ to go back to the query stock filter form.

The query stocks function can be reached from other functions by pressing the ‘Find stocks’ button. When reaching Stock Info from another function, the filter fields are prefilled and non-editable. Instead of the ‘Reload’ button, a ‘Select’ button is displayed. Press this button to add the stock on the selected line and to go back to the previous screen.

With this function you can print labels for the bin locations. You can enter the bin code for which you want to print the labels, the number of labels you want to print in the Labels field, and select the printer (the default printer will be prefilled):

Print label

Tap Print to print the labels, tap Back to go back to the main menu. You can choose the printer to print by tapping … beside the Printer field.

Select the printer you want to use and tap Choose to use it or tap Cancel to close the printer selection screen without changing the assigned printer.

9.3. Bin Locking

To lock a storage location, press the ‘Bin Locking’ button.

On the next screen add the bin location code. The Status of the location will be automatically populated.

Bin Locking

Press the ‘Unlock’ button to unlock the bin location.

Press the ‘Lock’ button to lock the bin location. A bin location cannot be locked if there are open inventory counting documents or the bin location contains positive/negative inventory.

The locked bin locations will be marked as ‘Inactive’ on the Bin Location Master Data.

Bin location master data

9.4. Bin Attributes

Use this function to check and modify the attributes of a bin. Please note: Customization is required in order to use this function.

9.4.1. Customization

Add custom fields
By default only the Bin Loc. field is displayed on the screen. In order to display bin attributes, add definition lines for them in the Customization Fields user table.

  • To add a Bin Location Master Data standard field, add the DI API field name with the “BO_” prefix. Use the SAP B1 SDK help file to find out the possible fields.
  • To add a Bin Location Master Data user defined field, add the field title with the ‘BO_U_’ prefix.

In the example we will add the standard Description field and a Customer user field.
We add the following entries to the Customization Fields user table:

Field NameField TypeLabelModuleScreenRead Only

Add a custom query
Add the following query to automatically populate the custom fields with the current values after the bin location is scanned.
Query name: 'BXMobileWH9_BinAttributesScreen_TextBinLocation_validate_after'


IF(LEN($[BO_Description]) < 1 AND LEN($[BO_U_PMXCUS]) < 1)
FROM OBIN WHERE BinCode = $[TextBinLocation]

9.4.2. Using the Bin Attributes function

Scan the bin location. The custom fields will be automatically populated with their current value.

Enter a new value.

Press the ’Update’ button.

The following message is displayed:

In SAP Business One, the master data of the given bin location is updated with the entered values.

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