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2. Setting Up Master Data in Produmex Scan

To be able to use the mobile application you have to set up the master data in the Produmex Scan add-on.
First set up the employees who can use the mobile application and determine their rights for the specific mobile functions.
In order to print labels from the mobile application, configure the printers and set up the label layouts you would like to use.

2.1. Printing

2.1.1. Defining the Layouts

You can define the layouts at Administration>Setup>Inventory>Produmex Scan>Printing Layout Sets.
On the Printing Layout Sets form you can define which layout files should be used for the specific labels at printing.

  • The Description is the label name displayed on the mobile device.
  • On the Bin Code Layout File field add the report file of the label version for bin locations.
  • On the Stock Normal Label Layout File field add the report file of the label version for stock that is not managed by batches or serials.
  • On the Stock Batch Label Layout field add the report file of the label version for stock that is managed by batches.
  • On the Stock Serial Label Layout File field add the report file of the label version for stock that is managed by serial numbers.

Select Layout

Define the path to the report files at the Report Layout Folder setting on the Reports tab of Produmex Scan settings. It is recommended to use a network folder.
It is also possible to define an output folder for reports at the Report Output Folder setting on the Reports tab of Produmex Scan settings.

2.1.2. Layout formats Crystal Reports

Regular Crystal Reports RPT files which can contain one or more of the documented parameters. The report can connect to and read from the database. The database logon parameters (username, password, server, company name) are set by Warehouse before executing the report.

You can download example report files from here: Label examples
Use the HanaReportSettingTool to configure the correct connection of the report file in HANA environment. You can read more about the tool in the UserGuide

Copy the reports to the Report Layout Folder set on Produmex Scan settings. Open the reports and adjust the datasource location.

Bin Code Layout
Crystal report file is run once with the mask as the parameter.

Mandatory parameters:
BinCodeMask – Bin code mask with *
eg. 01-A-1-1*

Stock Normal Label, Batch Label, Serial Label Layout

Mandatory parameters:

In case you would like to use other parameters as well, then you can use the custom printing solution. Zebra ZPL

Zebra ZPL files (or CPCL files) are text files which can contain one or more Placeholder strings.
The placeholders will be replaced by Produmex Scan before it is sent to the (networked TCP/IP or local printer on the server) Zebra printer.

Here is a sample Stock Label ZPL file (text file). This sample file contains the following placeholders:

  • {Quantity}
  • {OITM.InvtryUom}
  • {OITM.ItemCode}
  • {OITM.ItemName}




Bin Code Layout
ZPL file is printed for every bin location found for the given mask.


(Every field including user fields are available from OBIN table, reference it with the database column names)

Stock Normal Label, Batch Label, Serial Label Layout

{ {OOIITTMM..IItteemmCNaodmee} }


{OSRN….} ….
Every field (including user fields) available from OITM table
For batches only: every field (including user fields) available from OBTN table
For serials only: every field (including user fields) available from OSRN table

2.1.3. Setting Up Printers

To set up printers navigate to Administration > Setup > Inventory > Produmex Scan > Printers Setup.

Both local and network printers can be configured.

  1. To configure a local printer, make sure that the ‘Is Network Printer’ checkbox is not checked. Enter the name of the printer to the Local Printer Name field.
  2. To configure a network printer, check the ‘Is Network Printer’ checkbox. Fill in the IP Address and the Port Number fields.
    • If the network printer type is Crystal, fill in the Local Name field. If the field is empty, the printing happens on the default Windows printer. If an incorrect local name is provided, the system displays an error message.
    • If the network printer type is Zebra, the IP address is used.

In case of network printers, Local System users usually do not have the right to print, therefore, make sure that in the Run As User setting of the Produmex Service Broker you indicate a user who has printing rights. Run As User Setting

2. Indicate whether the printer is active or not with the ‘Is Active’ flag. Only active printers can be selected on the mobile application.

3. Select the type of the label file from the Printer Type drop-down menu. The following file types are supported:

  • Crystal (RPT)
  • Zebra CPCL
  • Zebra ZPL

4. It is possible to assign layouts that can be used with the printer. Select the line of the printer and choose the Select Layouts option from the right-click menu.

On the opening form select the layout(s) from the dropdown menu on the Layout Set Code field. With the Visual Order it is possible to determine the order of the layouts on the list.

Printer Layout

Default printer properties
The printing is processed via the Produmex Service Broker. By default Produmex Service Broker runs in a context of the LocalSystem account therefore it takes its printing settings from the default properties. Meanwhile, Crystal Reports takes its printing settings from the user-specific properties.
In order to change the printing settings for Produmex Scan, change the user specific and the default printing properties as well.
To change the user specific settings, open ’Printing preferences’ of the printer. You can change the user specifc setting on the ’Options’ tab.

To change the default properties, select the ’Printing Properties’ option. On the opening screen go to the ’Advanced’ tab and click on the ’Printing Defaults’ button to change the default printing preferences.

2.2. Setting Up Employees

The user specific settings for Produmex Scan users can be configured on the Employee Master Data. The following settings can be configured:

  • User authorization
  • User password
  • Favorite menus
  • Printers

2.2.1. Authorization fields

To authorize a functionality for the employee, set the corresponding UDF to ‘Yes’. The employee will only see the authorized functions on the main menu of the client application.

The ‘Query stocks’ function is authorized for every employee by default. It does not have an authorization UDF.

EMD user fields

2.2.2. Default Printer

On the Default printer UDF the printer used in customization can be defined. This printer will only be used in customization, it will not be listed among the printers defined for the user.

2.2.3. User password

Set the user password on the Mobile Password UDF.

2.2.4. PIN Code

By default the user can login with the Employee No.. If there is a PIN code set, it is possible to log in with the PIN code as well.

Login screen

2.2.5. Mobile User Preferences

To configure the favorite menus for a user, select the ‘Mobile User Preferences’ option from the right-click menu or click on the ‘Mobile User Preferences’ button on the ‘Administration’ tab.

EMD-Mobile User Preferences

The ‘Mobile User Preferences’ form will open up. On the header of the form the Employee ID and the Employee Name are shown.

Select a menu point from the dropdown list on the ‘Mobile Menu ID’ column then define the sequence of the menu buttons on the ‘Visual Order’ column. Menu points with the smallest visual order number will be shown first.

Click on the ‘Update’ button to apply the changes.

Mobile User Preferences

The favorite menu buttons will be displayed on the top of the main menu of Produmex Scan.

Main Menu

2.2.6. Mobile User Printer

On the Employee Master Data select the ‘Mobile User Printers’ option from the right-click menu or click on the ‘Mobile User Printers’ button on the ‘Administration’ form.

EMD-Mobile User Printers

The ‘Mobile User Printers’ form will open up. On the header of the form the Employee ID and the Employee Name are displayed.

Select the printer from the dropdown menu. Every printer defined on the Printers table is listed.

Add the sequence of the printer on the visual order column.

Mobile User Printers

The printer with the lowest ‘Visual Order’ value will be shown as the default printer on the Login screen or before printing. It is possible to change the default printer. Press the ‘…’ button then select a printer from the list. Every printer defined for the user on the ‘Mobile User Printers’ form will be listed. The order of the list depends on the ‘Visual Order’ value.


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