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1. Logging in

After the set up if you start the mobile application, the login screen will appear.

If the Pin code is set in the employee master data (Employee Master Data form > User-defined fields > Mobile password), then you can either enter it at the User field or you can use the SAP BO employee code. After leaving the user field, the application will automatically fill the User Name field.

The user can also select a printer to work with by clicking on the … button beside the Printer field. Tapping Exit will close the mobile application. Tapping Login the user will be navigated to the main menu or his last active screen.

Login & Main menu

The user will see all the menu entries for which he has rights (the rights can be set in the employee master data). Note, that the user will always see the Query Stocks and Print Labels menu. By tapping the entries in the Main Menu the user can begin the indicated processes. Each process will be explained in the following sections.

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