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How to Customize Employee Master Data with with UI Configuration Template

4.1. Overview

This documentation describes the standard SAP Business One UI Configuration function.

4.2. Create a configuration template

Open the UI Configuration Template form by following the path: Administration > Utilities > UI Configuration Template.

UI Configuration Template

Go to ’Add’ mode and create a new template. On the Forms tab add the Employee Master Data. It is possible to assign the template to selected users only on the Assigned Users tab.

We will name our template ’Produmex Scan’. UI Produmex Scan

4.3. Edit the Employee Master Data UI

Select the Employee Master Data line and click on the Edit Form UI button. The Employee Master Data form will open in UI Edit Mode.

Edit EMD

To add a new tab, select the Add tab option from the right-click menu.

We will add a Scan tab.

Add tab

Drag the User Defined Fields and drop it on the new tab. After the field is placed on the tab, it can be resized. To arrange the UDFs on the tab, select multiple fields and align them with a right-click menu aligning option.

It is also possible to move standard SBO fields or standard SBO buttons from other tab as well. As the best practice, grab the button, place it on the header area, then go to the destination tab. Grab again the button and place it on the destination tab.

Please note: The Mobile User Preference and the Mobile User Printer button cannot be moved.

Scan tab

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