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Version 2020.09

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Download version 2020.09

Tested SAP B1 versions

  • SAP B1 10.0 PL02 MSSQL 2017
  • SAP B1 9.3 PL13 HANA

Note: Older and newer SAP Business One versions usually also work, but have not been specifically tested in this version.

Do not use SBO10 PL3 (FP2008) or PL4 (FP2011) including any of their hotfixes with Produmex WMS.

If you are about to upgrade SAP Business One to a higher PL than we have tested Produmex WMS on, make sure that you always test your Produmex WMS processes in a test SAP environment before you perform the SAP PL upgrade on the live environment. For more information click here.

DB version: 720

DB Branch version: 0

Required Add-On Loader version: 20

Zone Box Picking Flow

  • The Zone Box Picking Flow is added to the Sales module of the Mobile Client. When starting the flow, specific zones can be selected in the warehouse and the picking process can be performed directly into boxes on a cart.
  • The flow is based on a single picklist or a wave containing picklists for multiple customers.
  • If a full SSCC is picked, the system keeps the existing SSCC number, otherwise the system generates an SSCC number when the first item is picked.
  • The process always requires the use of a movable location. When the picking process is completed for the wave, the Unload Movable Locations to Dock Flow can be started on the Mobile Client to unload the movable locations to the dock.

Box Pick and Pack Flow

  • When using the 203 - Picking: Prepare cart: New SSCC created print event print event during the Box Pick and Pack Flow, it is possible to access the link between the picklist and the Logistic Unit for reports based on the PMX_PILU table.
  • Identify the Destination SSCC step:
    • The Identify the SSCC to Pick on screen has been removed.
    • The Identify SCCC to Confirm screen lists open SSCCs, but a closed SSCC can be scanned as well if it has not been unloaded yet. In this case the system asks if you want to reopen the SSCC.
  • Identify the movable location step:
    • If you have already identified a movable location, the system automatically uses this movable location when picking the second item. If the picking process must be continued on a different movable location, another movable location can be selected with the Other Tasks function. If you use more than one movable location and start the picking process again, the system asks you on which movable location you want to continue the picking.

Unload Movable Locations to Dock Flow

  • The flow supports fully picked waves. The flow also supports partially picked waves if the status of the picklist is Picked and the SSCC is closed.

Picklist Proposal Generator

  • The Prioritize pick locations over bulk locations setting is added to the Picklist Proposal Generator.
    • If the setting is enabled and the Stock order by setting is set to Order by FEFO (FEFO_PickLocation), Produmex WMS chooses items with batch number first in the pick locations even if the item with batch number in bulk locations expire first. Produmex WMS selects items with batch numbers from bulk locations only if there is no item with batch number in the pick locations.
    • If the Stock order by setting is set to an option different from Order by FEFO (FEFO_PickLocation), the Prioritize pick locations over bulk locations setting is not applicable.

Cycle Count Controller

  • If value 0 or no value is added to the fields of the Price list for goods issue or to the Price list for goods receipt setting on the Cycle Count Controller, the system uses the default settings of SAP Business One.

Bug fixes

N/AWMS managed setting - stock inconsistency caused by Inventory Transfer/Goods Receipt 2020.09.04
N/AProduction Manager: WMS crashes when starting a production order without an assigned production line
N/ADirect Cycle Count - items on location: catch weight item error
N/AUnload Movable Locations To Dock - MSDTC error
89644Archiving - does not respond even with high number of Days to keep alive
97432WMS archiving - logging the count of waves issue
106917Picklist Robot functionality on document line level
107495Ad Hoc Picking - Show Stock for Location does not calculate with lock for the given picklist
108228Weighing - Rounding is not using decimals on reception
109531Problem with printing Pick List inside SAP
109629Production - the Produce Ingredients setting does not work for the Lined Up Locations 2020.09.04
110369Print Event 204 does not trigger when using movable locations
111420Warehouse full logistic unit move with serial numbers error
111422Purchase Return - does not work for GRPO if the stock is not in the original warehouse
111599Receipt from Production - chained production - produce and consume item within transaction
111794Cycle count - items are cleared out when clicking new item by accident
112045Shipping - Rounding error when creating Delivery Note
112754Picking Master SSCC Issue
113106Problem with split produced quantity into logistic units of default size during Receipt from Production Flow
113162Picking - wave picked but blocked
113163Bulk picking: MakePicklistReady deleted and inserted the row
113195Wave picking - wrong sum of quantities 2020.09.02
113396Production: Materials not issued when finishing production in the Production Flow
113627Produmex scanner unable to produce
114475Picking: wrong maximum quantity 2020.09.00
114965Database Update - error during updating PMX_OSCO
115128Organizational Structure - Error when running Export
115334Cycle Count - Wrong price set in goods issue and goods receipt documents
115706Ad Hoc Picking - No locations listed when Show stock for location setting is checked
115763Error with new Unload movable locations to dock process
116250Custom barcode controller is not used on scanning SSCC during replenishing
116376Beas-WMS integration shows a small window in the corner
117066Import Initial Stock Tool - Error 1001: The string is not set to an object reference or is empty: query.
117105Goods Issue - Error when updating remarks 2020.09.02
117575Cycle counting does not register differences
117953WMS does not generate delivery note when a picklist is finished if an item was skipped
118479WMS Import Tool error when copying OSE
121332Packing & Item Packing not functioning properly 2020.09.09
122766ASN File import example: BBD format issue 2020.09.04
124573Archiving function - SQL Syntax Error in HANA 2020.09.07
124870Cycle count does not move SSCC to Lost and Found 2020.09.11
125634The ASN form in SBO is not allowing the deletion of incorrect ANS lines 2020.09.09
126744Importing sales order by Interfacing Tool 2020.09.09
127004Cycle Count - Error during Processing 2020.09.10
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