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Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management is part of Produmex Manufacturing add-on. It is closely related to the Produmex PDC Solutions, which consists of several production data collection modules. These modules save all their data in the Attendance Journal. The new features in Produmex Manufacturing for Human Resource Management are made for administrating these entries in the Attendance Journal.

1. Prerequisites

1.1. Employee Master Data Settings

The attendance journal functions are based on shift plan and attendance class settings. You can find these settings in the Employee Master Data.

The add-on can calculate the difference between the planned time and the booked time. The planned time is based on the shift plan that is set in the Employee Master Data ‘Shift Plan’ UDF for the employee. For more information about shift plans please see: 2. Setup and Installation of the Company

Employee Master Data & Shift Plan

2. Attendance Journal Functions

Attendance Journal Administration functions can be accessed in SAP at the Human Resources folder in the main menu. These functions can be used for managing data that has been collected from the shopfloor.

Human Resources module

2.1. Attendance Journal Administration

In the Attendance Journal Administration you can view, create and cancel the personal time management entries booked by employees. It is possible to create new bookings and to cancel wrong ones.

Attendance Journal Administration

The form can be filtered according to employee, department and date. After filling out the filter fields click on the 'Refresh' button to load the data.

The Posting date and Posting time fields show the corrected time, the Original Posting Date and Original Posting Time fields show the original time when the booking happened. If the booking was a log in, the 'In' check box is turned on. If the employee is not working although he should, the 'Reason name' field is filled with the reason why he is missing (illness, holiday, etc). However, the Reason name column is not filled if the employee did not log in, but according to the shift plan he should have (he is late). Reasons can be defined on the Absence Reasons user table.

The field 'Error Code' contains the error code if a wrong booking happened. It can be:

  • “101 - Double In-action has been booked”. Double in-action means that the employee booked two log ins after each other.
  • “102 - Double Out-action has been booked”. Double out-action means two log outs were booked after each other.

If you want to cancel a booking, select the line and click on the 'Cancel Entry' button. It is also possible to select several lines and cancel all at once. If the administrator cancels a booking, the ‘Canceled’ flag will be checked, but the booking still will be visible. The add-on will also save the administrator user name and the date as well as the time of the modification.

If you want to add a new booking click on the 'Add New Entry' button. In this case a small form appears with all the necessary data to fill in:

Attendance Journal Administration - Add New Entry

You have to set the employee, the date and time, the reason if any and the action type which can be ‘In’ or ‘Out’. After you have set all necessary fields click on the 'Add new' button to create the new entry. It will appear right away in the list of entries, and the form will stay opened, so that you can create several bookings after one another.

2.2. Attendance Journal Reports

Please note that at present no calculation method is added to the reports below. If calculated values are needed, you need to create your own report. In this case the Produmex Support Team can be contacted for help.

2.2.1. Attendance Time Account Report

This report shows all in/out bookings of one employee for a specific month. You can filter it according to the Employee Number and Date From, however, the entered date will always be corrected to the first day of the entered month, and the report will always show the data until the end of this month.

Attendance Time Account Report

In the first line for the 1st of the month the report shows the employee name, the total planned and the total booked time, and the difference between them (Total Difference = Total Planned - Total Calculated). If it is not yet the end of the month, the total difference will show negative numbers.

In the report all columns which name contains “Plan” refer to the time set in the shift plan. Columns with text “Actual” refer to the actually booked times (i.e. the time when the booking really happened).

The Attendance Plan column shows the shift name from Shift Day Type for the specific day. In the Shift Day Type you can check the set shift times for that day. For more information about shift day types please see: 2. Setup and Installation of the Company

If there is a problem with the sequence of the bookings for the given employee and the given date, you will get a message about the inconsistency and the 'Attendance Journal Error Report' form will open.

Error message

For more information please see: 2.2.4. Attendance Journal Error Report.

2.2.2. Attendance List

In the 'Attendance List' you can check the status of employees for a given date and time. You can filter the form according to Department, Date and Time. If you click on the 'Now' button, the actual date/time will be set in the fields.

The report shows the plan, the actual and the calculated in and out times the same way as the 'Attendance Time Account' report. The Operation Code and Operation Name displays the name and code of the operation to which the employee last booked.

The state of the employees are depicted with colorful flags. The meaning of the different colors is the following:

  • Green flag: The employee is present.
  • Red flag: The employee is not present, although he should be.
  • Yellow flag: The employee is not present, but for a reason. If this is the case, the reason column will show the reason (holiday, illness, etc). If the flag is yellow and the reason column is not filled, it means the employee is not here, but his shift has not started yet or already finished.

2.2.3. Attendance Work Log

The 'Attendance Work Log' shows all PDC bookings for one specific employee on a given day until the given time. If you click on the 'Now' button, the Date and Time will be filled automatically with the actual date and time.

Attendance Work Log

2.2.4. Attendance Journal Error Report

The Attendance Journal Error Report shows all problematic bookings for an employee in the given time period:

Attendance Journal Error Report

The 'Error Kind' column shows the type of the error:

  • “Duplicated bookings in identical direction” means two consecutive in or out bookings have been made. In this case one of the bookings has to be cancelled or a new booking with the other direction must be inserted between the two bookings.
  • “Row is corrupted” means somebody changed the lines manually in the database.

This is only a list of incorrect bookings. To correct the problematic bookings you have to use 'Attendance Journal Administration', where you can cancel superfluous bookings, or insert missing ones.

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