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License Comparison Chart

Produmex Manufacturing is a legacy product and Boyum IT Solutions no longer sells new installations for it.




Defining Shift Day Types
Defining Shift Plans
Defining Resource Features
Defining Resources
Defining Reasons
Produmex Manufacturing Settings
Produmex License Administration
Available To Promise date for sales orders and quotations
Initiate MTO planning from a sales order
Material Account Grid/Diagram
Master Data Operation settings on Bill of Materials
Defining Manufacturing Operations
Operation settings on Production order
PlanningAutomatic reallocation on update
Initiate MTO planning from a production order
MTO rework orders
MTO Procurement Graph
MTO Procurement Orders
MTO Problem Report
Production Management Cockpit
Operation Delay Prognosis
Material Shortage Detection
OutsourcingCreate Outsourcing Orders
Inventory Management for Outsourcing
Outsourced Manufacturing Overview
Outsourced Manufacturing Overview Chart
ReportsJob Requirements Report
Material Requirements Report
Missing Parts for Manufacturing Report
Missing Capacity Report
AllocationsResource Allocations
Resource Capacity Usage
Resource Unavailability Management
Job Scheduling Control Panel
Resource Usage Chart
Resource Time Diagram
Cost and Price calculationsDefining cost and price
Calculate Price Lists
Calculate Bill of Materials
List of Calculated Bill of Materials
List of Calculated Production Orders
Advanced MRP
MRP Error List
Make To Order Scenario
Recommendation grouping
Human Resources
PTM Administration
PTM Report
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