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10. Preprint pallet labels

It is possible to pre-print logistic labels so they can be used later when creating stocks.

Because in this case the SSCC’s do not exist in the system when they are printed, it requires a special procedure in order to create the labels and to avoid SSCC duplications.

10.1. Add the stored procedure

Before adding the stored procedure, go to the ‘SSCC tab’ of the Organizational Structure and check the ‘Current SSCC’ number.

Add the ‘PMX_SP_GoodsReceiptLabel_Mass’ stored procedure to the PMX_<database_name> database. Modify the start SSCC by entering the current SSCC number plus one as the value for the set @currentSSCCInt parameter.

The added SSCC number will be the first SSCC number to be printed.

EXAMPLE: In the example the Current SSCC number was 10, therefore we added 11 as the start SSCC number.

Set current SSCC

10.2. Crystal Reports

Open the ‘GoodsReceiptLabel_MASS’ report in Crystal Reports.

Set the datasource location of the report to the ‘PMX_SP_GoodsReceiptLabel_Mass’ stored procedure.

Set datasource location

Print the labels from Crystal Reports. On the ‘Enter values’ form add the number of the logistic labels to print to the @count field and click on the ‘Ok’ button.

Enter values

10.3. Modify the current SSCC number

As the pre-printed SSCC’s do not exist is the system, the current SSCC number did not change. In order to avoid SSCC duplication, increase the current SSCC number with the number of the printed SSCC’s on the PMX_SSCC table.

EXAMPLE: We printed 10 labels therefore we increased the value in the Current SSCC column by 10. Because the original value was 10, we set 20 as the new value.

Adjust current SSCC


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