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Slow connection to the SAP HANA server

In some environments, you could notice a delay of about 1 second in the direct database connection to the SAP HANA server. This usually results in a very poor overall performance of the Produmex add-ons, without any particular server load.

Even though the delay is only 1 second, this delay will occur at every single database connection, and it adds up a lot to generate tremendous performance issues.

On such environments, the solution is to add the SAP HANA server's IP address mapping to the affected server's hosts file. For example, in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file, add the following line: hanaserver

Our recommendation is to always add the SAP HANA server's IP address mapping to the hosts file, on all systems that connect to the SAP HANA server, even if these systems are not affected by this particular issue.

This issue is documented in SAP Note 2525371

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