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 +=====9.3. Reception=====
 +====9.3.1. SSCC on label not in stock====
 +When receiving items on the scanner, the system will book the receipt in one time for all registered logistic units. \\
 +But the system cannot print the logistic labels at the end, because then it is not clear for what physical logistic unit the label is printed. //(If 10 logistic units are received, it would mean that the system prints out 10 SSCC labels at the end)//
 +This is why the SSCC label is printed after the logistic carrier is registered, but before the receipt is booked into the system. \\
 +If now the receipt fails for some reason, you have logistic units with SSCC labels, but they are not in stock. \\
 +When scanning these SSCC’s, the system will throw an error.
 +**Solution** \\
 +The user needs to redo the receipt. The labels that have been printed by the system can be used to scan when creating the delivery.
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