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 +=== Package Dimensions (PMX_PADI)===
 +{{ :​implementation:​wms:​config:​pami.png?​nolink |}}
 +Depending on the pick list type, the user might have to add the dimensions of the package after a logistic unit is finished during picking and packing. The user can enter the dimensions manually or select a package dimension that was defined on this table.
 +**//​Code//​** \\
 +Internal code of the package dimension.
 +**//​Name//​** \\
 +The name of the package dimension that is displayed on fat client screens.
 +**//Is the record canceled? (Y/N)//** \\
 +If checked, it indicates that the record is cancelled and cannot be selected as the package dimension during picking or shipping. Cancelled records can be restored.
 +**//​Width//​** \\
 +The width of the package.
 +**//​Length//​** \\
 +The length of the package.
 +**//​Height//​** \\
 +The height of the package.
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