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 +====3.3.3. Production order lines====
 +The extra fields added to the BOM, are also added to the production order. When creating a new production order, the Produmex add-on will copy the data from the BOM to the production order in case the UDF’s are named the same.
 +The following fields are used for picking for production:
 +//(And not for Pick List for production)//​
 +**//​Quantity picked//** \\
 +The quantity that already has been picked for this component.
 +**//​Batch(es) to pick//** \\
 +If a certain batch needs to be picked for this production order, this column needs to be filled with the batch to pick.\\
 +When multiple batches are required, those batches can be entered with a pipe as separator: '​|'​
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