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 +=====6.4.1. Move=====
 +Open the ‘Move’ screen via the following path: Produmex > Inventory > Move.
 +{{ :​implementation:​wms:​addonscreens:​move.png |}}
 +//Number//: The number of the move document. \\
 +//Date//: The move date.
 +//Item Code//: The item code. \\
 +//​Barcode//:​ The barcode. \\
 +//​Description//:​ The item description. \\
 +//Qty//: The quantity of the items moved. \\
 +//Open qty.//: The quantity that is still open on the line. \\
 +//Batch ID//: The batch ID. \\
 +//Src. Stor. Loc.//: The code of the source storage location. \\
 +//Src. Log. Unit//: The LUID of the source logistic unit. \\
 +//Src. Quality Status//: The quality status of the item before the move. \\
 +//​Dest.Stor.Loc.//:​ The code of the destination storage location. \\
 +//​Dest.Log.Unit//:​ The LUID of the destination logistic unit. \\
 +//​Dest.Quality Status//: The quality status of the stock after the move. \\
 +//Master Log Unit//: The LUID of the master logistic unit.
 +Click on the ‘Ok’ button or on the ‘Cancel’ button to close the screen.
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