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 +=== Location types (PMX_LOTY)===
 +A list of location types. These types can be selected on the organizational structure – location.
 +**//​Code//​** \\
 +The code.
 +**//​Name//​** \\
 +The name.
 +**//3PL item code//** \\
 +For 3PL invoicing only. The code of the item that will be used on the A/R invoices sent to the 3PL customers. The price of one day of storage in each location of that location type is represented by the 3PL item’s price. \\
 +The item must be non-inventory.
 +**//3PL active?//** \\
 +For 3PL invoicing only. If disabled, the price for this location type will not be included in the A/R invoices sent to the 3PL customers.
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